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You get a good feeling after you learn something new or to learn more about what you already knew.


The 4 stages of hospitality we might do it knowing or unknowing. It is recommended to go through this course to better organise or revise yourself on this topic. So if you have guests or customers tomorrow, you would be subconsciously ready to be a good host.


I just went chronological. Its a great way to learn stuff you don't really want to learn but think is handy for later. It doesnt take a lot of time


I am more than satisfied with the information provided by NewHeroes.


This training was a great one!


This training was great!!!


This learning was very short. I wrote things down and I'll try to implement some. Don't know yet if it helps.


This is great - I love the new things I have learned. It is a lot more interesting than other courses I have done concerning influencing others. I think it is because the content is very clear and relevant. Also not so abstract. This helps a lot to better understand what, how and when to do things.


An interesting course, especially when working or living in an international/multi cultural environment.


I had a great time doing this training and learned a lot throughout. Great explanations and creative tasks.



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