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The course offers exactly what it promises: a first step toward viewing the world differently. I certainly got some very nice ideas, but when it comes to actual methods to suspend judgement and being more associative, I can't say I really got what I needed. It's certainly a good start for someone who wants to to step out of his/her comfort zone.


It is giving me more confidence.


Learning at being better at what i do for work


This course and the website of New Heroes makes learning simple, no nonsense and information packed without leaving your head filled to the brim with information you don't really need


enjoying it


This platform gives good explanations, which could be used in everyday life situations.


I found the course more interactive in comparison to the other courses which i have done (outside of the platform).


Situational examples could improve this course


It was good, but a section that talks about what to do when we as leaders identify different values in our teams would be very useful.


It´s a very insightful exercise to self reflect what we bring into our teams and a great tool to understand how to build more effective teams while considering dynamic personality traits



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