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I like the explanations, but the feedback on the given answer is automatically generated. So I think the feedback is too general


The examples don't always feel that relevant.


amazing course


Interesting theory and explained in an accessible way. The online learning environment is a good additional to an actual training but just on its own it is definitely not enough. Most real life situations are more complex than the examples here and there are more than one way to approach them.


More examples with videos.


I like the continuous flow and the best possible interactive and memorable ways of learning.


So far the training is rather exciding. it guides you through different situations and tries to make the link with real life examples.


Contents in the training are to the point and well explained and are relevant to my learning and expectations. At the same time i feel It is very lengthy. Thanks for this great learning.


I like the identifying situation and recognizing signals, communication with team members and motivating them.


I think this is an excellent course for everyone to take to help them improve in communication with others both at home and at work.



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