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It was good, but a section that talks about what to do when we as leaders identify different values in our teams would be very useful.


It´s a very insightful exercise to self reflect what we bring into our teams and a great tool to understand how to build more effective teams while considering dynamic personality traits


It's slow and soft. It might be quicker


It is very clear and useful information.


I find that this e-learning platform, gives concrete examples, which helps to learn and achieve my goals.


I don't like recording myself, other than that very good information


Right balance between theory and practice.


Dynamic, pleasant , easy to follow, meaningful. Considering how people learn, by adding the voice to the transcript, would offer even bigger help to many students.


This course is very complete and provides good tools to consider in all kind of presentations


This is pretty helpful in order to realize some soft skills that one might consider in order to become a manager!



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