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I like the self-reflective aspect of the exercises. I do believe that the videos are really nice, if more of them were used, I believe that it would be better for the learning process. Also, more questionnaires would be better than text format.


The Program does a good job of keeping you engaged and moving towards your goal.


It was very inspiring.


I like that the course has been broken down into simple language and that the approach is more practical than theory, it's easier to apply and actually has you applying it to real life/current situations


This course in particular is highly recommended for all people of any age, since learning active listening is an art.


Learning is very good. Highly recommended.


It gets more and more interesting to me. It is a subject that I had not seen before.


Use of key words works for me


I have identified my passion, obstacles and alternatives for me to attain vitality. I feel like am born again. Thank you New Heroes!


It is fantastic, highly recommended.



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