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Hi, Nice clear and usable summary to help with the process of self reflection :)


valuable practical tips on giving and receiving feedback from co-worker as well as superior vs subordinate relationships.




Simple, practical and useful excercises about real life scenarios.


good lesson


It helped me to built my own SMART goals

Md Humayun Ur

clear description of what or is possible and what should be paid attention to.


I think it is very helpful and makes you reflect on your ways and how you could have done it differently, but also giving you an answer to how you will react to a similar situation different.


It is very important to remind oneself, once in a while, that thoughts trigger feelings.


I found it very useful to receive the basic knowledge of the types and description of each team role. It is useful to identify me with few of the team roles and evaluate which type of tasks can suit me better.

Laura Vilches


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