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It is great to learn something new


This training gave me powerful tools for my team, and useful tips for management teams, such as: know the kind of people, communication ways and more. Thanks a lot.


Good content with step by step details


I can improve my own knowledge about teamwork and how we can achieve the goal together at the same time as own goals. I like the way this training is taking you


This is THE Course!


Great experience Concise, practical and useful


Excellent way to achieve the best results


It was a great experience to have this chance to improve my body language with tools i've never used.


It's so cool! I've learned a lot; besides, its a fun and easy way to do it.


New heroes has plenty of courses to work on those soft-skills we do not learn at school. This one (Stress!) is great, it has plenty of tips and tools to help you recognize stress and learn to deal and live with it in a healthy way.



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