Privacy and cookie policy

At New Heroes B.V. we feel it is important that we respect and protect your privacy. And we want to keep things personal. That’s why we refer to ourselves as “We”. This privacy and cookie policy (together with our general terms & conditions) forms the basis on how we process all the personal data we have of you. You agree to this, whenever you use our online product or visit our website. We feel your privacy is important. While you embark on your learning journeys with us, we want you to feel confident that we will always treat your personal information with the greatest care. Below we explain how we process your information.

Personal Data
We store data about you, so you can log-in to our website, complete your learning journeys, fill out forms and ask us questions. With “data” we mean ALL the information you provide to us, either knowingly or not. We also use your data so we can improve our learning journeys, our technology and our services. In addition, we use visitor and user statistics, so we can be found more easily on the Internet.

We never give your personal information to others without your permission. However, there are some exceptions no company can go around: 1) When a judge asks us to provide personal data; 2) if our company gets a new owner or 3) when it is necessary to integrate certain services in order for our platform to actually work.

Sometimes we will want to send you a newsletter, or let you know about some interesting offer or event. If you prefer us not to or want to change your information, just let us know and we will always be happy to help.

Our website uses Cookies. These are small text files that are stored on your computer and are read by a browser. This way we know it is you who is visiting our website. And helps us to improve it and make it more user friendly.

This is how we use Cookies:

  • Functional Cookies; to make the website easier to use. For example: so we will recognize you after your first visit and you can log-in quicker.
  • Analytical Cookies; to collect visitor statistics, so we can further develop and improve our website.

You can always configure your browser (or change your settings) so that you no longer receive Cookies. If you do, however, we cannot guarantee that all our features will function properly. f you want to continue your learning journeys on a different device, do not forget to change the configurations (or settings) of your browser.

All personal information, such as Name, e-mail address, etc, is stored within the European Economic Area. But to ensure fast access and performance of our website and learning journeys, some information is also stored on other continents. But this is only the case for de videos you record. You agree to this method of storage and processing, whenever you provide personal information to us. And in turn, we provide secure servers. All traffic on the website is encrypted with SSL-technology. You are personally responsible for keeping your password secret, as we are unable to decipher what your chosen password is.

Other Websites
Sometimes, a link on our website will re-route you to another website. Please keep in mind that a website other than our own could apply an altogether different privacy policy, for which we cannot be held accountable.

Changes in our privacy and cookie policy
Changes to our website or learning journeys could lead to changes in our privacy policy. So, make sure you check it regularly. The last change to our privacy and cookie policy was on May 2nd, 2017.

We welcome any questions, suggestion or requests regarding our privacy policy. This is how you can reach us:
New Heroes, Bruistensingel 650, 5232 AJ ’s-Hertogenbosch, +31(0)73 84 49 910 or via

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