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With online learning you probably expect some really boring texts. But nothing can be further from the truth in our case.

Welcome to the world of New Heroes! We'll take you throught the features of our platform so you can quickly find your way around. At New Heroes you'll have a personal page with your stated goals and recent feedback from your supporter. To track your progress we work with points and levels. You receive  hero points as an award for your development.

See something funny or interesting? Select the learning element as a bookmark, so you can easily find it again on your personal page. You can also check your progress on your current courses. And you find an overview of all the learning journeys. When you've chosen a learning journey you want to follow, go ahead and click: start learning journey. Learning journeys contain the following elements. First, you start by setting a goal. This is followed up by a written explanation. Then you practice how to respond in different situations. Watch video recordings of yourself and learn. Questionnaires help you learn even more about yourself. Sometimes we use animations to explain the ins and outs of a topic. Keep your supporter informed on your progress. Exercises test your knowledge. Getting stuck? We're here to help. Your new skills are really put into test in video exercises. Cross your limit.

And of top of all that practive behind the screens, you'll also get to practice in real life. That's is the best way to make real progress! Have you completed all exercsises. Then of course you're rewarded with a certificate!

So what are you waiting for? Dare to fly! Good luck with your first learning journey.

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Dutch Design

Wherever you are in the world, New Heroes is there for anyone who wants to learn. Via our online platform, we make soft skills and leadership courses accessible for everyone. Our educational approach stems from our roots: Dutch Design.

  • Date 30 March 2017
Cor Vink to bolster New board as strategy advisor

New, the world’s largest online training specialist in personal empowerment, communication and management skills today announces that it is taking a significant step forward in bolstering its board of directors. As of April 1st, the New Heroes board is welcoming Cor Vink to serve as its strategy advisor. The addition of Vink places the New Heroes executive team, which includes Jan Schouten (Chairman), Vera van Beek and Jorn van Wijk, in robust condition.

New Heroes is a partner of Schouten Global and New Motivations Poland.


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Yesterday you said today

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