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Why New Heroes?

Improve company results

Improve company results

Less stress and failure, more productivity and enthusiasm.

Let employees develop.

Let employees develop.

Forget about e-learning! Go for practice-oriented e-doing courses.

Make them more productive and happier

Make them more productive and happier

Having a better work/life balace, that's our mission.

More than 55 e-doing courses in the areas of communication, leadership and personal strength. An opportunity to grow for every individual within the organization.

  • Learning through practice
  • Focus on behavioral change
  • Starting from 5,- per employee per year.
  • The only course provider with an integrated user dashboard.
  • We see to it that your employees really practice what they learn.
  • LPI Accredited Learning Provider
  • Download here New Heroes at a glance
  • Date 18 September 2017
New Heroes Spreading Its Wings to China

After a series of successful launches via resellers in Poland, Belgium and Australia, the New Heroes platform is soon to be available in China. The e-doing platform will officially launch for both individuals and organizations on 18 September 2017. The online training courses will first be available in English and later translated into Chinese.

Some of our clients

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The added value for you as a company

Read the success stories of companies that are already achieving results with New Heroes.

"Unlimited access, where- and whenever they want..."

Paul Hinze,
Chief Operational Officer of Digital United

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"Soft skills and leadership skills can make all the difference."

Michel Girbes RA,
director of FSV Accountants + Adviseurs B.V.

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"Limitless possibilities for life-long learning, anywhere, anytime."

Vera van Beek,
Operational Director of Schouten Global

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Call +3173 - 84 49 910 or email us: customersupport@newheroes.com. We will think along with you on ways New Heroes can help you improve your company's results.

10 good reasons to call us today

  • Not e-learning, but e-doing
  • Happier and more productive employees
  • 38 years of experience in soft skill training
  • We keep up with an ever changing labor market
  • Personal advice
  • Help with implementation and activation
  • Easy insights with the user dashboard
  • Integrated internal or external coaches
  • Skills for the future
  • Internationally operating

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New Heroes is a LPI Accredited Learning Provider. More about our quality standards.


New Heroes & Coaching

Getting to work with coaching

Real behavioral change is always at top of our priorities. Do you want to accellerate the rate of personal growth for your employees? Our supplementary coaching packages will help you achieve just that. Our Coaching combi-package and Coaching tool, together with our certified Integrated Coaches from our partner, Schouten & Nelissen, give your co-workers best possible guidance. Let your own professionals support your employees using our Coaching tool.


For you

New Heroes achieves LPI accreditation as a learning provider

New Heroes achieves LPI accreditation as a learning provider

The Learning & Performance Institute (LPI), the foremost accreditation and membership body for the learning sector, is pleased to announce that New Heroes has achieved accredited Learning Provider status.

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Career change: how can I find out what I REALLY want?

Career change: how can I find out what I REALLY want?

Your job is consuming too much of your energy. You want something different: a new job, a boost to your career, more pleasure in your work. But you quickly lose your courage. Because, what exactly do you want?

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Changes at work, can you deal with it?

Changes at work, can you deal with it?

As a start-up company, that's something we at New Heroes can't avoid. We go down unknown paths, decide to go left and then have to switch gears and go right. An then we start over again. But not everyone deals as well with them.

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