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Are you seeking skill training programs that create a significant impact? You can find them on the New Heroes Academy learning platform.

We provide support for the personal development of your employees through high-quality, practical training programs available online and offline.


Why New Heroes Academy?

Courses that deliver results

Empower your employees to begin with the Personal Development Scan. Within minutes, they will receive tailored course recommendations that align with their interests and goals. This personalized approach fosters motivation, engagement, and maximizes learning outcomes.

Discover our latest additions here to stay up-to-date with our newest offerings.

Managing aggressive behavior

Learn how to intervene effectively when a situation is about to escalate. With examples, exercises, and video training.

Dealing with transgressive behavior

This online course is about recognizing behavior that is boundary-crossing. Learn how to prevent (sexual) harassment and (cyber) bullying and do something about it. Protect yourself and create a safe environment.

Help your team members excel

Having satisfied and happy team members has a positive impact on team results. It's important to be aware of the resources available for employee development. By knowing when and how to foster personal growth and development, you can effectively support your team members in excelling.

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"We can now cater to the needs of all of our volunteers."

Our company dashboard enables us to adapt and adjust our traditional training program, without having to ask each individual volunteer in which area more training is needed.

- MOOIWERK Breda -

They take good care of you.

New Heroes Academy really makes you want to succeed. Our users can't wait to continue their learning journey. 

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Avans and 21st Century Skills: our students are ready!

Avans is a big fan. Our students can study whenever they want, make their own choices about competencies they want to work on, and receive a varied presentation of text and practical assignments in their courses.

- Avans -

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New course: Leading through uncertainty

Do you cling to the familiar, or do you embrace the uncertainty the "not knowing"? Learn how to embrace chaos and encourage creativity with this new course.


New: Each group of employees its own set of courses

A unique approach for every challenge. Create a customized training program for each group of employees, department, or team. Push the buttons of progress with New Heroes Academy.

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Select your own motivator

Whichever path you choose towards achieving your goal, anyone benefits from help along the way. How much and how? You can select the best motivator for you.

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