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We’ve compiled a list of the questions we get asked the most often. You'll find them below in the following categories:

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Content of a learning journey

How can I get a content overview of a learnig journey?
If you want to see where you are in a learning journey, you can open the table of contents. You will then see all the steps. The green check marks will tell you which parts you have already completed and where you left off. In this menu you can also sneak a peek at what's ahead or look back at what you've already done.

How does a learning journey work?
You take a learning journey online, when and wherever you want. You also get tasks to do, and the idea is that you do these in the real world. So, make sure you leave the computer screen as often as you can, to let the tasks sink in and to practice them before you continue.

How is a learning journey structured?
A learning journey consists of several steps and chapters, and we use different learning elements:

  • Setting goals - Before the start of any learning journey, we ask you to formulate a goal first.
  • The Wizard - This is a pre-formulated instruction merging theory with interaction.
  • Questionnaire - This is a list of questions intended for you to learn more about yourself.
  • Open assignment - Get to work! We give you a task. We want to know how you experienced it, and often we will give you feedback for extra self-reflection.
  • Learning text - These are theory blocks you can review at leisure.
  • Video task- In this task we describe a certain situation and ask you to react on video.
  • Video Response Training - In this task you get to see a video with an actor playing out a certain situation. We ask you to respond to the situation of the video and record yourself while doing so.

What's the level of the learning journeys?
The learning journeys are for all levels. Learning new skills does not require complicated theory, but practice. That is the same for everybody. We learn skills by doing. And so we can stay close to reality as much as we can, we use speaking language, keeping it easy and informal.

What is Self-learning time and Completion time exactly?
Self-learning time relates to the total time you spend in front of your computer working on a learning journey, and Completion time relates to the total time it takes you to finish an entire learning journey. It includes both self-learning time and the time you spend practicing away from your computer.

What do I do if I really do not feel comfortable performing a certain task?
It is possible that a certain task really does not suit you; for example, inviting a supporter or recording yourself on video. We offer these possibilities to create the ideal learning environment, but you are free to skip any of the tasks. Just choose those you feel you will benefit from the most. We award a certificate only if you've completed an entire learning journey.

The Master

What is the background of the master behind a learning journey?
Most of our Masters has a background in behavioral sciences, and also several years of experience as a trainer or coach. In addition, all trainers are extensively trained and regularly re-trained together with Schouten & Nelissen. An overview of all masters you can find here.

Does the master get to see the learning journey?
No. The master is the brain behind the learning journey, but does not get to see the individual learning journeys. The other way around, we do want you to know who the master behind your learning journey is.


What is a supporter?

Working with a supporter is something that is unique to New Heroes. It is a person that you yourself have chosen, someone whom you trust and invite to guide you on your learning journey. Depending on the theme of your learning journey, you can choose your best friend, a family member or a colleague or supervisor - or all of them. Because we know that changing behavior can sometimes be very difficult all on your own. A supporter can also act as a mirror, showing you things about yourself that you do well and things that you need to work on.

Who can I ask to be my supporter?

Finding the best person to support you can be challenging. For your information: a supporter does not have to be a member of New Heroes. Here are a few suggestions: your partner, a friend, your father or mother, your brother or sister, your supervisor, an acquaintance, a colleague or a new contact, for example a LinkedIn contact. 

Also think about what your requirements are for a supporter: Do you want someone who knows you well? Do you want someone who is knowledgeable about a certain topic? Do you want someone who feels the same way as you do about a certain topic? Do you want someone who will encourage you? Do you want someone who can be objective?

And of course you can always invite more than one supporter. Unable to find a suitable supporter? Then consider a professional coach. New Heroes has them ready and waiting for you to support you. 

Should a supporter be a member of New Heroes?

No, a supporter does not need to have a subscription to New Heroes.

Why would I invite a supporter?

You will be surprised to know what others can perceive of you. More often than not, other people notice things that you yourself are not even aware of. A supporter can help with your personal development by giving you more insight into yourself, by supporting you throughout your learning journey and by motivating you with their knowledge of your goals. Would you like to be supported and inspired by different people? Well then, invite more than one supporter.

Will the supporter have access to al my data?

A supporter can only see the section for which you have invited them. He or she has no access to the rest of your learning journey. That means that all the other sections remain private. You will receive an email the moment that your supporter has provided his or her response to your specific question.

My supporter hasn't responded to my invitation. What now?

Don’t panic! Your supporter received a single invitation via email to give feedback. It may be that he or she has not seen the email yet, or has simply forgotten. Feel free to ask if they have read the email. In the meantime you can continue with your learning journey, even without a response from them.

I have been asked to become a supporter

Do I have what it takes to become a supporter and what should I do now? Read more about this here.


The supporter

What is a supporter?
The unique thing about New Heroes is that you work with a supporter. This is a person you choose, who you trust, and who you invite to accompany you during your learning journey. Depending on the topic of the learning journey, this can be your best friend, a family member, even a coworker or your manager. After all, things are going to change and that can be difficult sometimers to go at it alone. A supporter can also 'hold up a mirror in front of you' and give you feedback on the things you do well, but also on those you still need to work on. It will surprise you to see what others notice in you. Do you want more than one perspective? Then go ahead and invite several supporters.

How do I work with a supporter?
At various times during a learning journey, you will be asked to share your answers or videos with a supporter. You can invite supporters when you've finished a given task. You can invite as many supporters as you like, and customize your invitation to each supporter. The supporter then receives an e-mail with the invitation to help you. Once you've invited a supporter, you can just continue with your learning journey. We will notify you when your supporter has sent you a reply.


What is a bookmarker and how does this work?
Find something fun or interesting during a learning journey? We make it easy for you to return to it whenever you want. Just select the learning element as a 'bookmark' and it'll appear on your dashboard.

Hero Points

What are Hero Points?
To make your progress more visible for you, New Heroes works with 'levels' and 'points'. We give Hero Points to reward your personal growth. The more you grow, the more points you get, and the more levels you reach.

When do I get Hero Points?
You earn points with every section and learning journey you complete. You also earn points for the goals you reach and for activating a supporter. As you collect points, you get access to increasingly higher levels. And what those will bring you, you'll soon discover for yourself!

What's the use of Hero Points?
You've started with New Heroes because you want to work on improving things about yourself. You want to develop and grow. You've set your sights on a certain goal, and you want to move closer to it. You want progress. And thanks to New Heroes, every step you take becomes more visible to you.

What are notifications?
A notification is a message you receive during a learning journey as an additional reminder or extra motivation.


How do I get a certificae and what can I do with it?
After completing our medium-length and long learning journeys you receive a certificate that you can download and print. But you can also share it on your LinkedIn profile, so that everyone will see that you've developed new skills.


Learning goals

Why are learning goals important?
By taking a course you embark on a develoment path. And the better you have in mind what it is you want to learn, the better the process of learning will go. Whenever you think about your learning goals, surely all those things you're good - and also those you're not so good at - will come to mind. The more self-aware you are, the better the learning porcess will be. And besides, by defining your own learning goals, you are also taking responsibility for your own learning process. Afterwards, you can always evaluate whether or not you were sucessful.

How do I set a goal?
If you want to develop in a certain direction, then it is important to set a goal. But how do you do that?

  1. Dare to dream. Imagine you wake up tomorrow and everything you ever wanted has been achieved. Wat does that look like? What do you do that's different? How do you feel?
  2. Your dream? If you pursue something because you feel you're supposed to, or becase others think you should, it's much harder to achieve. Your own dreams motivate you to persevere, even when things get tough. So, is it really your dream?
  3. Make a plan. What is the most important goal, in order to realize you dream? What exactly do you want to have achieved, and when? What is the first step? Make it as explicit as possible, so you can always check to see if you're still on the right track along the way.
  4. Write it down. Dreams and goals are beautiful, but still very easy to abandon. If you write them down, you're committing yourself and anchoring it in your memory. And this ensures you sub-consciously already begin to take steps toward your goal.
  5. Share your goal. Telling others what your goal is, makes it easier for you to stick to it. And others can then also support you when things get tough. So, be courageous and tell those around you what it is you're going for!

What support do I have to reach my goals?
When you set your goal, you will also be asked to set a deadline, and plan your learning rhythm. By doing so, you lock-in time in your agenda, helping to keep you committed to your planning.

What is a learning rhythm?
Your learning rhythm is made up of those moments that you work on your goals with New Heroes. With one click you can also insert this into your own agenda. A rather effective way of keeping you focused on achieving your goals. Do you want to change your learning rhythm? Go to your profile settings.

Dashboard & Profile

Where can I find my active, favorite (with a heart) or completed learning journeys?
In the top righthand corner of the page, in the dropdown by your name, you find the section 'My Favorite Learning Journeys' You have the choice of three sections:

  • Active learning journeys: learing journeys you have already started.
  • Favorite learning journeys: learning journeys you only marked as favorite (with a read heart).
  • Completed learning journeys: learning journeys you have already finished.

Attention: After a selection, the page needs a moment to re-load, before the right learning journeys can be displayed.

Can I change the e-mail address where I receive notifications?
You can always change your e-mail address, in the profile page.



Who sees my answers?

The answers your give, the video's you make and the files you upload are only visible to you. Of course there is one exception: Did you invite a supporter? Then your supporter can only see the task(s) for which you have invited him or her.


What are the General Terms and Conditions and Payment Terms and Conditions?
You can find the General Terms and Conditions and Payment Terms and Conditions here.

How can I terminate my account?
You can terminate your account at any time. Log on to our website, open the drop-down menu in the upper righthand corner next to your name. Select 'My Profile'. At the bottom of this page you will see the option to terminate your account.

Is my account then immediately terminated?
You can terminate at any time, even in the first month. If you have joined on the 15th of September, your account runs through the 15th of October, and you can continue to use our platform until then, even if you terminated your account of the 21st of September.

What happens with my information if I terminate my account?
Your information will be saved and you can access every task you ever did. This is how we enable life-long learning. Are you ready to pick up again? Then just activate your account once more.

First I had a personal account, but now I have an account through my employer. How does it work with payment?
You have to stop payment for your personal account yourself. You can do this per month.

First I had an account through my employer, but now I need to change it to a personal account. Can I transfer my progress status to my new account?
Absolutely! Just message New Heroes to link your accounts.

First I had an account through my employer, but that stops. Can I keep my progress status?
If you log in with your 'old' information, you will be asked if you would like to continue your account yourself. After that you can pick up where you left off.


I receive an alert asking me for permission to access my camera and microphone
For the video tasks and the video response training you need the camera. This is why we need to access your webcam. The first time you arrive at such a task, you automatically and just once, are asked this question. So, it's important to grant permission.

My webcam/camera is not working.
Quite possibly, you need to grant permission. You can do this in your browser settings. Click here to see how to do that per browser.

What files can I upload (for example: to send to my supporter)?
You can upload the following types of files: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, pdf.

What are the system requirements for the New Heroes platform?
See here the minimum requirements for your Internet browser and type of device.



Can I get a grant or reimbursement?
This is often possible. Almost all education costs are tax deductible. And sometimes you may be eligible for certain grants or subsidies. Unfortunately, New Heroes cannot request these for you. You are responsible for doing this yourself.

I would like more information about the offering for businesses. Where do I go?
Go to this page.

Administrator Dashboard

What is an administrator?
The administrator is the person in your organization, who manages the business account. You decide who that will be.

What can the administrator modify in our business account?
You can manage users, modify company information and look at leaning analytics. And if you need any help, you can always contact us.

Can I access information regarding the progress of my co-workers?
Yes, that is possible, in our learning analytics. But to protect the privacy of your co-workers, you are not able to see who does or has done which learning journey. What you do get to see is the most popular learning journeys and important themes. You can also observe differences between teams, age groups, gender or number of FTE. We'll be happy to help you configure your settings.

How do I give people access to New Heroes?
You can add new users in your Administrator Dashboard. We can also do this for you.

Subscription & Agreement

Can I get a subscription for a shorter period?
We believe that co-workers who develop themselves are happier and more productive. But real behavioral change cannot be achieved in just one month. For this reason we offer a standard one year subscription. However, if you feel that another subscription length is more suitable for your organization, we are happy to discuss it.

Can I get a subscription for a longer period?
Yes, we also offer 2 and 3 year subscriptions. Even more interesting, because you can benefit from a more-year discount!

Do you also work with 'price break'?
Yes. The more employees an oranization has, the better the price.

Customization & Advice

Do you also advice on how to get the most out of a New Heroes subscription?
Absolutely! We are happy to advise on those learning journeys that will give your organization the best results. Do you want to deepen your understanding of online learning, implementing your LMS system or motivating co-workers? Our learning & development expert, learning journey developer and internal activation specialist are happy to lend a hand.

Do you have tips on how I can motivate my co-workers to learn?
We will gladly help you activate and motivate your co-workers. For example, we could hold an inspiring kick-off session at your offices.

Do you also offer packages directed specifically toward particular themes, such as sustainable input, stress and burn-out?
Users have unlimited access to all our learning journeys and are able to learn whatever they want. But, of course, we can help to address certain themes within your organization.

What does a New Heroes company subscription entail?
You can get a yearly subscription for your company. Your co-workers get access to learning behavioral skills, online, where and whenever they want, for that entire year.

For how many co-workers can I get a company subscription?
Starting from 20 co-workers. But the possibilities are endless: our training and courses are accessible for everyone.

Can I, as an independent contractor or freelancer, get a business subscription as well?
Yes, that is possible. Just contact us for personal advice. We will be happy to help with what is most convenient for you.

How does payment work?
You pay a company subscription per year, and we bill you before the subscription starts.


Do I get my own contact person?
You get your own account manager and customer support agent, who will always be ready to help.


Customer service

I have a great idea. Now what?
On the right side of every page you will see a red banner that says 'Help us improve'. Click on this banner to send us comments and suggestions. We will respond as soon as possible.


How can I ask questions?
You can reach us during business hours (time offset: UTC +1) at +31(0)73 84 49 910, or via e-mail at info@newheroes.com.

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