Frequently Asked Questions



How can I get an overview of a learning journey's content?
If you want to see where in a learning journey you are, you can expand the table of contents. You do this by clicking on the "Menu" icon on the upper right of the screen. You then see all the steps. The green check marks indicate which sections you've already done and where you left off. In this menu, you can see all the sections of this learning journey.

How do the learning journeys work?
The overview page indicates the study time required for the learning journey as well as the completion time. This means the total time that you will spend on the learning journey. The intention is for you to practice the tasks in the real world. You'll be stepping away from your computer, letting the tasks sink in, and practicing them in a real-life environment before proceeding.

What does a learning journey consist of?
A learning journey is composed of a number of steps and chapters. The chapters are, in turn, composed of different learning elements:

  • Setting a goal – Prior to every learning journey we ask you to set a goal for yourself. 
  • Wizard - This is a set of pre-programmed instructions for merging theory with interaction. 
  • Questionnaire – These are questionnaires that you take with the goal of learning more about yourself.
  • Open task – This is where you will carry out an actual task. We want to know how you experienced this. Often you're given feedback afterwards, for additional self-reflection. 
  • Learning text – These are theory blocks that you can read at your leisure. 
  • Video task – In this task we describe a situation and ask you to record your response on video.*
    We keep the video confidential. You can keep it to yourself or share it with your supporter.
  • Video response training (VRT) – In this task you watch a video with an actor who simulates a situation. We ask you to respond to the situation in the video and record yourself doing so.*
    We keep the video confidential. You can keep it to yourself or share it with your supporter.
    * For the video task and the video response training, you have to give permission via your browser to use your microphone and camera.

What is the background of the master/the "brain" behind the learning journey?
Most of our masters have a background in the behavioral sciences as well as numerous years of experience as a trainer or coach. In addition, all of our trainers receive comprehensive on-the-job instruction and take regular refresher courses in cooperation with Schouten & Nelissen. For an overview of all the masters, click here.

Where can I find my favorite completed learning journeys? 
Underneath your name on the upper right of the screen you see the "My learning journeys" header. There in the list of three headers, click to display the following:

  • "Active learning journeys" that you've already begun. These are the learning journeys that you've started and your favorite learning journeys (red heart).
  • "Completed learning journeys" that you've finished.
  • "Wishlist" that you've marked as your favorites (red heart).
    Note: After making your selection the page will take a few seconds to reload and then display the desired learning journey.


Why are the goals so important?
When you follow a training course you begin a developmental process. The more you're aware exactly what you want to learn, the better the learning process will be. When you think about your goals, you will undoubtedly reflect on things that you're really good at (or the opposite). The more self-aware you are, the better the learning process will be. In addition, by formulating your goals yourself, you will assume responsibility for your own learning process. Later you can assess if you've succeeded.

How do I set a goal?
If you want to develop yourself in a particular way, the most important thing is to set a goal. But how do you do that? 

  • Dare to dream
    Imagine you wake up tomorrow morning and you've achieved everything you wanted. What would this look like? What would you do differently? How would you feel? 
  • Your dream?
    If you pursue something because you think you're supposed to, or other people tell you to, it's much harder to achieve it. Your own dreams motivate you to persevere, even when things are tough. So is it really your dream? 
  • Make a plan
    What is your most important goal in realizing your dream? What exactly would you like to achieved, and when? What's the first step? Make this as specific as possible, so you can check whether you're on the right track as you go along.
  • Write it down
    Dreams and goals are all fine and dandy, but it's very easy to get off track. When you write them down, you make an agreement with yourself. You memorize it. You'll subconsciously start taking steps towards your goal.
  • Share your goal
    Telling another person about your goal makes it easier to stick to that goal. It also means he or she can give you support, exactly when you need it. So go for it! And tell everyone around you what you're going for!



What is a supporter?
The unique thing about New Heroes is that you work with a supporter. This is a person you yourself choose, who you trust, and who you ask to accompany you during your learning journey. Depending on the topic of the learning journey, this can be your best friend, a family member, a coworker, or even your manager. After all, you want to change things, and that can be difficult to do alone. A supporter can also "hold up a mirror to you" and give you feedback about what you do well and what you do less well. It will surprise you to see what others notice in you. Do you want several perspectives? Then go ahead and ask several supporters to help you.

How do I work with a supporter?

  • At various times during a learning journey, you will be asked to share your answers or your video with a supporter.
  • When you've finished a given task, you can invite supporters.
  • You may invite as many supporters as you want, and you can customize your invitation per supporter.
  • The supporter will receive an e-mail with the invitation asking for his or her help.
  • Once you've invited a supporter, you can just continue with your learning journey. We notify you when your supporter has sent you feedback.


What are Hero Points?
To show you your progress, New Heroes works with "points" and "levels." We award you these points as a reward for every step you take in your personal growth. The more you grow, the more points you get and the more levels you will reach.

When do I get Hero Points?
You earn points for each section and every learning journey you complete. You also get points for the goals you reach and for your supporter's help. Once you've gained enough points, you get access to higher levels. And where will they take you? Well... you'll find out!

What is the benefit of Hero Points?
You started with New Heroes because you want to develop yourself and work on your personal growth. You have a goal in mind and are keen to get there. You want progress! Hero Points make the steps you take more visible to you.


What are notifications?
A notification is a message that you receive during the learning journey as an additional memory aid or as extra motivation.

Can I change the e-mail address where I want to receive the notifications?
You can always change your e-mail address. You do this on your profile page.

Other functionalities

What files can I upload (for example, in order to send them to my supporter)?
You can upload the following file type:

  • jpg
  • jpeg
  • png
  • gif
  • pdf

I get a message asking me to give permission to access my camera and microphone.
For the video task and the video response training, you record yourself on camera. For this you need to access your webcam. The first time that you open this type of task, this message appear once automatically. So it's important to grant permission for this access.

My webcam/camera isn't working
There's is a good chance that you need to grant permission, which you can do in your browser settings. Click here to see how to do this in your browser.

What is a bookmark and how does this work?
Find something fun or interesting during a learning journey? It's easy to return to it some other time. Just select the learning element as a "bookmark," then it'll appear on your dashboard.

How do I get a certificate, and what can I do with it?
After completing our medium-length and long learning journeys you will receive a certificate that you can download and print. You can also add it on your LinkedIn profile so that everyone can see that you've learned additional skills.

Important matters

What are the General Terms and Conditions and Payment Terms and Conditions?
You can find the General Terms and Conditions here .

New Heroes is a Dutch company. Does this impact the training courses?
We are indeed "proud to be Dutch"! Read more about New Heroes' point of view. You'll understand better why we are unique and different from the rest.

I have a good idea, now what?
On the right side of every page you will see a red banner that says "Help us improve." Click on this banner to send us comments and suggestions. We will respond as soon as we can.

I still have unanswered questions. Who can I contact about this?
On the right side of every page you will see a red banner that says "Help us improve". Click on this banner to send us comments and suggestions. We will respond as soon as we can.

What will happen with my information if I stop my account? 
Your information will remain saved, and you can also see all the tasks you've ever completed. This is how we enable life-long learning. Once you're ready to continue, just restart your account.

I first had a personal account, but now I have an account through my employer. 
Can I transfer my progress to my new account? 

Certainly. Simply send an e-mail to New Heroes asking us to combine your accounts.

I first had a personal account, but now I have an account through my employer. 
What about payment? 

You have to stop payment for your personal account yourself. You can do this per month.

I first had an account through my employer, but now I need to change it to a personal account. 
Can I transfer my progress to my new account?
When you log in with your "old" information, you will receive a message asking if you want to to continue your account as a personal account. Once you agree, you can continue with your learning journeys.

For business

Can I get a grant or reimbursement?
Quite often this is possible. Almost all education costs are tax deductible. And sometimes you may be eligible for certain grants or subsidies. Unfortunately, New Heroes cannot request these for you. You are responsible for doing this yourself.

I would like more information about the products and services for businesses. Where can I go for this?
Go to this page.

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