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"When I suffer from stress, I tend to worry a lot and get irritable. And I really hate this

Rational Effectiveness Training teaches me how to deal with these negative thoughts so that I have more control over unwanted emotions. I never knew that ""I"" was the main cause of my stress.

Do you also have unwanted emotions and stress that you want to overcome? Now's the perfect time to do something about it!"

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Online: Putting things into perspective

I want to learn to keep undesired emotions under control.

External influences can cause stress and give rise to emotions, but you're the most decisive factor with regard to your stress. The basic principle of the RET method is that it's not the situations themselves, but the way you think and feel about those situations, that determines the level of stress you experience. We all have emotions, whether we show them or not. RET training focuses on changing yourself by changing your thoughts. RET can help you cope better with difficult situations. By gaining insight into your thoughts and the impact they actually have, you've already made a big step towards this change.

  • Theme: Personal effectiveness
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Spread out over 1-4 months
  • Stop letting your emotions run your life

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You want to start this course on putting things into perspective because you, just like almost everyone else, sometimes have to cope with stressful situations. Situations when your emotions take over. Situations when you don't behave as you'd like. Situations when you get angry, quickly irritated, or even very sad. You want to gain control over these emotions so that they are less of a problem for you. But as soon as these emotions take hold, you can't let go of the anger or irritation. You start worrying or constantly blame yourself. It can make you pretty miserable because it takes an incredible amount of – negative – energy. If this is the case, it's time to do something about it. And you can. You can get a handle on your emotions. You want to reduce your stress. RET is a method that can help you cope with this type of stress.

A sneak preview

Check out the sneak preview below. Explore a few chapters and you'll see that our journeys are engaging and activating: online learning can definitely be fun and exciting!


You now have an impression of the learning journey. Would you like to continue learning? Do you want to give yourself a boost? Then let's get started.

Meet the master

Our online courses are written by our "masters." Each one of them is an expert in their field, and they all have many years of experience. Among them you'll find trainers, psychologists, coaches, authors, etc.

Marcel van Bronswijk is the master behind this learning journey. After training as a RET Supervisor at the Albert Ellis Institute in New York he is a proven expert in the field of Rational Effectiveness Training.

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This is a new course name.
Former course name: Stress!

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