Online: Mind mapping

I want to learn how to create a mind map

Mind mapping is a technique where you organize and present information in a structured and visual way using a word web. It's great for creating checklists, putting together a schedule, brainstorming ideas, shopping lists, or studying.

In this course, you'll discover how creating a mind map helps you remember things better by visually and logically organizing information. By using both sides of your brain, you activate your mind and improve information retention.

People who use mind mapping techniques to study typically spend about one-third less time taking notes compared to others. And... they tend to remember the information better.

  • Theme: Personal effectiveness
  • Link key concepts using images and lines
  • Reading time: 30 minutes, exclusive of practice and assignments
  • Study time: 2 hours (estimated)
  • Total duration: 1-2 weeks

New Heroes Academy, Unlimited learning for your organization

  • Customized solutions for your organization
  • Assistence with implementation and activation
  • Communication & Interaction
  • Teambuilding & Leadership skills
  • Personal effectiveness
  • Vitality & Resilience

This course is intended for people who:

  • want to know what mind mapping is
  • want to become proficient at mind mapping
  • need a crash course on memory training

A sneak preview

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