Our unique advantages and strength

Practical courses that make a difference

  • Learning by doing
  • Effective custom training program
  • Implementation consultant

Training program customized to your needs

We know how to create an impact. That is why we combine e-learning with e-doing in our online and offline courses. It's all about putting it to practice. We encourage users to practice and apply newly acquired personal skills in the workplace or at home.

Schedule a meeting and request a live demo. We'll discuss your organizational goals, and how to get there. Or maybe your organization is currently facing certain challenges that you want to resolve. We'll work together on creating the best training program that suits your current needs. You can also include your own tailor-made courses.

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Your implementation consultant

Your personal implementation consultant will help you implement e-learning into your organization. He/she will collect and analyze your data for evaluation, and frequently offer advice. For instance on which trends to follow, how to apply activation tools, or which trajectories are currently suitable. You're always taken care of. 

A useful company dashboard

Your company dashboard provides key metrics to monitor the learning platform. It makes it easy to monitor performance. It helps you increase the effectiveness and impact of the training program, and achieve your organizational goals.

An active learning platform

Personal Development Scan
Users who have a hard time choosing the right course for them, can start with a questionnaire. The scan provides insight into the (sub)categories that match with their learning needs and requirements. It will also show recommended courses. Take the Personal Development Scan.

Supporter tool
Feedback is very important when you want to learn new skills, or break old habits. New Heroes Academy's supporter tool encourages users to involve -for instance- their co-workers to enhance the learning experience. Every course has an integrated supporter tool that facilitates asking for feedback on specific assignments.

Our e-coaches are experienced experts on soft skills. Users can message them, or ask for feedback. The e-coach is their mentor, their source of information and a person who offers encouragement. This will increase the chances of achieving individual learning goals.

Motivation and rewards

Everyone benefits from having support. That's what our virtual motivators do. Users decide for themselves how, and how often they want to receive encouragement. The tone of voice, the content and the amount of support is based on our different types of platform users.

Setting a learning goal
We ask users to formulate a learning objective, and we remind them of this goal regularly. This increases the chances of achieving that goal and ensures continuous progress.

Hero points
Users receive hero points for their accomplishments. Rewards are a major element of success and motivation. For every step on the way to their (learning) goal, users will receive these hero points and level up. The more personal growth, the higher your level. Are you competitive?

Join us for a cup of coffee (or tea) to discuss how we can help your organization. Contact us to schedule a meeting, in which you will:

  • Meet our consultants.
  • Discuss your current needs.
  • Get a live demonstration of our platform.


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