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It's fun to have time to share ideas , these are questions that I wouldn't do by myself.


really cool


Dat ik meer voor mijn mening uitkom, maar met respect naar andere mensen toe. {I'm expressing my opinion more often, with respect for others.}


I think the questions you ask in order to start an open task are sometimes not very clear. So giving an answer that makes sense to the question can be tricky sometimes. For the rest I think its good, although I think it could use more images/ video etc. I really enjoy the choice exercises, it really puts you in a situation.


I think the methods and approaches presented here are really useful. In terms of application and practice a lonely online course is difficult for assimilation. Some exercise in group would be a really good complement and increase motivation


Practical and useful! Thanks


It is great to learn something new


This training gave me powerful tools for my team, and useful tips for management teams, such as: know the kind of people, communication ways and more. Thanks a lot.


Good content with step by step details


I can improve my own knowledge about teamwork and how we can achieve the goal together at the same time as own goals. I like the way this training is taking you



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