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I found it very useful to receive the basic knowledge of the types and description of each team role. It is useful to identify me with few of the team roles and evaluate which type of tasks can suit me better.

Laura Vilches

I came into this course with no preconceived ideas of what I will learn. The text and examples are so simple and easy to apply in everyday life. I appreciated the learning experience and will continue doing other subjects with newheroes.


Heel veel geleerd. Top!


I enjoy the course. I have not realized how much pushing and pulling happens in life and work without me realizing. It definitely prepare me for future work and progress in life.


This helps to be more aware of what to do to avoid feeling very tired during and at the end of a working day. It definitely explains in a clear way that sometimes small changes are enough to avoid fatigue.


It is very engaging, it challenges me to think more in depth and make sensible choices. I am enjoying it.


This course help me to understand the reality.


It's easily accessible and really makes me think


I like the way how text and video are used to give information, in this way the information is absorbed better. The I approach of giving feedback is very helpfull for me.


it really makes you think about things that maybe you do not pay attention to in yourself first but also in those around you



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