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I like to acquire new knowledge


Great learning, especially if you practice the feedback excersices in real life situations (collegues, personal relationships or casual conversations).


I think this is a very good training, you can learn how to lower your level of stress.

Jose Alfredo

It was very easy to follow this learning path and the results are notorious. Thank you.


super learning


I think it’s great because I am learning more about myself and what I want to do after this education.


Excelentes ejercicios de relajación para liberar el estrés.


This learning journey is really interesting and interactive. It begs some introspection as well, which is quite nice. Most importantly, it is applicable in everyday life.


A short course on how to manage tension through relaxation


Approaching someone in stress is dificult, often we don't like to talk about stress, but a simple talk can make all the difference and help someone who doesn't know how to ask for help.



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