New Heroes is both proud and mindful of its brand. To avoid damage to our brand, we have set forth clear agreements on the use of the New Heroes name and logo. New Heroes does not allow any of its intellectual property to be reproduced or published by third parties without its prior express consent.

Use by third parties
We therefore request that every person or organization wanting to use the name, logo, or other intellectual property of New Heroes contact us before proceeding to do so. An assessment will be made per request/situation as to whether or not to permission be granted. In the event that third parties use any intellectual property of New Heroes without permission, New Heroes will invoke its rights and may commence legal proceedings against the third party involved. The resulting costs will be recovered from the third party. The use of New Heroes' intellectual property for commercial purposes is not permitted in any situation unless New Heroes has given explicit consent.

For additional information or questions, please contact us.

The website
The content shown on this site, which includes: products, texts, photographs, illustrations, graphic material, names, trade names, word marks, and logos (collectively termed "brands") are owned by or licensed to New Heroes and are protected by copyright, trademark, and/or other intellectual property law. The aforementioned rights are in no way transferable to legal entities or natural persons who access this site.

The content of this website may only be used for noncommercial purposes. Website users are not permitted to reproduce, transfer, distribute, disseminate, or make available for remuneration the contents of the website to third parties without the prior written permission of New Heroes, except as is strictly necessary for consulting the website.


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