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Call +3173 - 84 49 910 or email us: We will think along with you on ways New Heroes can help you improve your company's results.

10 good reasons to call us today

  • Not e-learning, but e-doing
  • Happier and more productive employees
  • 38 years of experience in soft skill training
  • We keep up with an ever changing labor market
  • Personal advice
  • Help with implementation and activation
  • Easy insights with the user dashboard
  • Integrated internal or external coaches
  • Skills for the future
  • Internationally operating

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The added value for you as a company

Read the success stories of companies that are already achieving results with New Heroes.

"Unlimited access, where- and whenever they want..."

Paul Hinze,
Chief Operational Officer of Digital United

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"Soft skills and leadership skills can make all the difference."

Michel Girbes RA,
director of FSV Accountants + Adviseurs B.V.

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"Limitless possibilities for life-long learning, anywhere, anytime."

Vera van Beek,
Operational Director of Schouten Global

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