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Our origin story


Our vision on training and development

Our vison on learning

Our vison on learning

Developing soft-skills happens through applying what you have learned, to your situation. In order for a behavior to change, our users need to practice. All our training courses are packed with hands-on tasks, from video response trainings to questionnaires and exercises.

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New Heroes: Dutch Design

New Heroes: Dutch Design

Our educational approach stems from our roots: Dutch Design. Wherever you are in the world, New Heroes is there for anyone who wants to learn. Via our online platform, we make soft skills and leadership courses accessible for everyone. 

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Our goal is to make your life easier. How? Online, but with quality, hands-on courses. We know, it sounds a bit corny, but the quality of our learning journeys is our number one priority.

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Meet our team and our masters

Our team

Our team

Behind the scenes at New Heroes is a team of dedicated professionals. Meet our superhero's! 

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Meet our masters

Meet our masters

Are you curious to find out more about the master behind your favorite training? Then keep reading.

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No radio-active spiders, no last-of-their-race beings from outer space, no Amazon warriors in the New Heroes story. But there definitely is a super power behind it all.

The stoker

In the 1980s, Jan ‘the Stoker’ Schouten was struck by a vision to make the Netherlands a more assertive place. Working like a caped crusader, he set up Schouten & Nelissen, now one of the country’s most recognized corporate training powerhouses. But he wanted to empower more people than could afford Schouten & Nelissen’s in-person training courses. Having grown the company into a beacon for online training both at home and abroad, he knew affordable, online access was the key. Now New Heroes delivers its power formula to anyone with the courage to grow themselves. Into more assertive people, better leaders, better communicators. Wherever they are in the world. Because we all have the power to become our own personal heroes.

A new concept

Faster than a speeding bullet, New Heroes set out to launch its one-of-kind online training platform. Aiming to offer quickly accessible content for those looking to grow personally and professionally at one fixed, low monthly rate. An innovative approach towards online training, where one-off courses were the norm. Also new was the mission to make training and development engaging. No long, droning articles, but hands-on, step-by-step activities with video responses, wizards and questionnaires. We called these courses learning journeys, and set out to build 60 from scratch. Joined by corporate training, education and content development experts, our project managers crafted effective, high-quality training courses that inspire and empower.

Eye strain and RSI

It took a year of late nights and pizza dinners. Over the course of that year, the New Heroes team created over 350 illustrations, 630 videos, 60 voice overs, and wrote over 1,000,000 words. The result was a lot of screen stare, mouse arm, and some of the most effective online training courses available online. New Heroes launched in April 2016. The team that pushed the launch button has since doubled. Thousands of heroes and dozens of organizations have since joined the platform. Both in the Netherlands and abroad. Because now our entire platform is also available in English.

A little bit different

We don’t want to toot our own horn, but we’re proud of doing things differently. We’re different in offering our online courses as learning journeys. And we’re different in the thoughtful way we’ve crafted each one. Crafted so that the journey is worth more than the destination. Crafted as three types of journey. You decide what type of journey you take. A day-trip? A weekend away? A trip around the world? The longer your journey, the more you get out of it.

Be your own New Hero

Just fill in our simple form and get started on the learning journey that speaks to you most. You can cancel your monthly membership anytime.

Ready to level up? Take the first step today!

Meet Monty

Yup, he’s the little red bird in our logo. He’s our mascot and our biggest fan. A cheerleading little chappy, Monty’s not afraid to chart his own flight path and head straight for his destination.

Free as the wind, you’ll find him fluttering his way through our website, on our print materials and on the gifts we send to encourage you on your learning journey. When we’re at an event, Monty will wing in and make everyone smile.


Our mission is to provide everyone, anywhere in the world access to online soft skill and leadership courses. For you personally, and also for your entire organization. 

In addition to a successful launch via resellers in China and South-East Asia, Poland, Belgium, Australia, New Zealand and Mexico, New Heroes also offers its English platform in the Middle East.

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