Online course: Team roles

About the optimal alignment of roles within your team.

A team with talented members is no guarantee for success. What's important is that you are in a role that is best for you. And also that the different roles within the team are in line with eachother. This way you increase the chances things will work smoothly. Do you really have the role that is best for you? The Belbin team role theory offers new insights you can easily apply within your team.

  • Introduction to Belbin's team role theory
  • Discover which role is best for you
  • 20 minutes completion time
  • Badge upon completion

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Different role within a team

This short training is for people who:

  • want to gain some insight into their own team role and character.
  • want to know how to created a smooth-running team.
  • are looking for the optimal alignment between different characters.
  • are interested in the nine Belbin team roles.
  • 20 minutes completion time
  • Short and powerful
  • 5 chapters

A sneak preview...

Check out the sneak preview below. Explore a few chapters and you'll see that our learning journeys are engaging and activating: online learning can definitely be fun and exciting!

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Meet the Master

Annet is the Master. In other words: she's the expert behind this training. Her ambition is to help as many people as she can get the best out of themselves.

I just find it fascinating to teach and to help people develop. That by making small changes, people can become better at something and in that way discover a side of themselves they did not yet know they had - and be very happy when they do. That you can somehow contribute to that, I think is pretty cool. So, what’s great about this product is that in a very easy way you can reach a large number of people. You can accomplish a lot in a personal conversation, but then you only reach one individual. Now, with 1 product you can reach many and, naturally, that is very satisfying. And when people give feedback that the training really did help them; well, that’s when you’ll see me do a little dance. I am Annet Nimeijer; learning specialist at New Heroes.

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