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Online: How to self-reflect

You've probably heard it a lot at school: self-reflecting. It's quite common that that's the first time you really have to reflect, dedicating some time to think about your life and your purpose. Because that's what self-reflecting is. And without realizing it, you probably do this more often than you think. 

“Why did I say that?”
“How come I was late?”
"At which point during my presentation did I stop being nervous

Questions you ask yourself often. And when you ask yourself those questions, that's when you are self-reflecting. Self-reflecting is nothing more than a way of observing yourself. It's looking back on what you experienced and the feelings and thoughts you had then. Reflecting on how you acted in a specific situation, with the intention to improve yourself. 

"Self-reflection is the school of wisdom"

What is the best way to self-reflect? 

Fred Korthagen, who is a researcher in the field of self-reflection for over 20 years, created a model that is a great foundation for self-reflection. He's written several books about the subject. 

His self-reflection model consists of five phases:

  1. Action
    What was the specific event? What was your role in it and what was your responsibility? 

  2. Looking back on the action 
    What really happened? What did you do? What did you see? How did you feel?  

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