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Online: Use Microsoft PowerPoint effectively

PowerPoint is a Microsoft software program and it is primarily used to support presentations visually. A good PowerPoint presentation enhances and reinforces the message you want to communicate. You cannot add as much text to a slide as you would with a Word-document. That is usually the reason why users prefer PowerPoint to present a project plan or a proposal for a client. They have to limit their text which will make it more to the point and easier to grasp. 

Depending on your goal and PowerPoint skills, you can create a simple presentation with text and pictures but also really complex ones with animations and videos that play automatically.

Two objectives

You can place the two objectives into two categories:

  1. communicate content
  2. communicate a feeling.

Communicate content

The better you are at combining visual and auditory information, the better someone can remember your message. Usually only 10% of your message will stick with your audience. When you want to increase that percentage, use Powerpoint. It reinforces and supports your spoken words. 


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