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Online: How to stop negative thought patterns

You can learn how to think positive thoughts

Do you know where negative feelings originate? Exactly. In your thoughts. You're thinking something and a corresponding feeling is created. When you think negative thoughts, negative feelings will emerge. It's actually a very simple process. Think of something that you really dislike. And then go to your happy place and think happy thoughts. Do you notice the difference? 

Experiment with the following. Positive thinking starts with trying to find a solution to all of your problems, or to view your problems as a fun challenge.  

  • Internet isn't working
    At the office: now is the time to deal with those dreary tasks you've been putting off or clean up your desk.
    At home: get out the board games!
  • You have a pile of work to do
    At the office: set achievable goals. Get started and let others know in time when you're having problems meeting a deadline.
    At home: set achievable goals and make sure everybody contributes their fair share. As in 'Many hands make light work."

Now it's your turn. Think of a situation/problem/issue and approach it with a positive mindset.

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