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All required skills combined

Do your employees interact with customers on a daily basis? Are they into sales? Do you want them to be prepared professionally for the 21st century? We have combined all necessary skills for a specific field of expertise into one learning pathway. Supply your team members with a set of soft skills that improves their professional performance. 

A learning pathway = three learning journeys

A learning pathways consists of three separate learning journeys with a common subject. They complement each other. Your employees will be equipped with a full set of soft skills. Our learning journeys center around: sales, leadership, innovation, customer happiness, leadership for beginners and public service.

The advantages of a learning pathway

  • three practical courses that complement each other
  • all necessary soft skills combined in one learning pathway
  • professional development within a specific field of expertise
  • a diploma within nine months
  • unlimited access to all courses

This is what others are saying

"...The learning pathway complemented our classroom-based training tremendously..." • Stef

"...The separate learning journeys were a great combination and reinforced each other..." • Marieke

"...Some assignments were used multiple times, but that was okay, because it helps you create a routine..." • Jelmer

"...I really enjoyed the supporter tool. You think you do well, but that's not always true. When you receive feedback from different supporters, you'll have to reconsider the image you had of yourself. ." • Steven

"...It really helps you to progress and develop professionally. I'm going to persuade my team to do the same.." • Nathalie

How and how much?


We have made it easy for your employees to start a learning pathway. Just take the following steps

  1. Register
  2. Start an online course
  3. Receive a certificate upon completion of one course
  4. Receive a diploma upon completion of an entire learning pathway

How much?

No additional costs will be charged, other than the regular costs of a subscription. And...you will also have unlimited access to all our other online courses. 

Want to find out which solutions apply for the specific needs of your organization or company? Contact us.  

All learning pathways

21st century skills

This learning pathway focuses on the 21st century skills that you might need, to remain an interesting candidate for the job market, now and in the future.


Do you want to improve your leadership skills and create a diverse team that knows how to handle feedback and communicates constructively and efficiently? Then this is the Learning Pathway for you. 

Customer happiness

Not done until your customer is completely satisfied? Not done until you have communicated clearly and given the best commercial advice? Become a master of customer happiness by taking this learning pathway.


If you want to pitch your idea, be better at consultative selling or want to influence people more, then start today. Transform into a sales superhero by taking this learning pathway.

Public service

Do you want to learn how to be more persuasive in a calm and efficient manner, keep track of the big picture by using a mind map and manage your time efficiently? Choose this learning pathway.


Capture creative solutions effortlessly, and convey your bright ideas to others. Get the most out of your creative proces with this learning pathway. 


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