Leadership for beginners

Advance your career and move into management.

Develop your career
You have expanded your professional knowledge, you have gained a lot of experience and you are now ready for the next step in your career. A new position comes with new duties and responsibilities, like giving good directions to your team. You'll need to build and learn new skills.

A set of new skills
How do you fulfill your potential? How do you become a strong and effective leader? What do your team members need from you? How do you create a stress free workplace?

A strong start
This learning pathway helps you build and expand the skills you'll need to have a strong start as a manager. With this diploma in your pocket, you can start leading your team. 

Includes the learning journeys Help your team members excel, The situational leader and Stress-free management.

  • Boost your career
  • Three online learning journeys
  • With diploma
  • No extra cost

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Includes the learning journeys
Stress-free management

Stress-free management

In your management role you regularly have to deal with emotions in the workplace. Are you a manager that prefers to avoid conflict? RET (Rational Effectiveness Training) is an approach that can help you get a handle on things.

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The situational leader

The situational leader

Unnecessary mistakes, missed deadlines and unmet targets; as a manager, this is what you want to avoid. Better yet, you want to get the best out of your team members. With situational supervision, you can recognize what your team members need in order to develop themselves.

Includes the leadership styles, delegating, supporting, guiding and leading.

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Help your team members excel

Help your team members excel

Skills such as setting boundaries, communicating and working together, have an immediate effect on the results of your team. Only when you're aware of the available resources for employee development, you can help your team members excel. Contented and satisfied team members have a positive influence on the team achievements. And that's what we call a win-win situation.

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For everyone who wants to advance their career and move into management

Do you want to learn how to become an effective and strong leader? Do you know what your team members need from you to grow and develop into a strong team? Do you know how to create a stress-free workplace that enables you to fulfill your potential and lets your team members flourish? Start today with the learning pathway Leadership for beginners. 

If you already have a management position, but you want to develop your management skills and take leadership to the next level, take on the learning pathway Leadership. 


Upon completion of this learning pathway, you will

  • know what effective leadership is and how to apply this
  • know how to deal with different types of team members
  • start your new job as a manager with confidence
This is how it works
  • Improve and master a unique skill set
  • Three practical courses that complement each other
  • You decide what, when and where
  • Personal dashboard to monitor your progress
  • Completed learning pathway = diploma

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