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For professionals who want to achieve more.

Coming up with something new makes your day. You see possibilities where others see problems. Let’s help you channel that creative talent into career success. The New Heroes Innovation Learning Pathway gives you everything you need to be an innovative mastermind wherever you go!

The Innovation Learning Pathway consists of three courses: Creative thinking, Mind mapping and Influencing.

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For anyone looking to further their career as an innovation specialist

Are you excited about the prospect of being better at innovating? Would you like to learn more than just one skill? Are you ready for a careerboost? Then this is the learning pathway for you. 

After this learning pathway, you will:

  • Get the most out of your creative process  
  • Effortlessly capture creative solutions in a mind map   
  • Effectively convey, or rather sell, your ideas to others
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Journeys in this pathway
Online course: Mind mapping

Online course: Mind mapping

Mind mapping is a way of structuring information. In this short learning journey you will learn the technique to make a mind map.

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Online course: Influencing

Online course: Influencing

All around us people use their influencing skills all the time. Most of the time, this is an unconscious process. Would you also like to increase your influence? This learning journey will help you to exercise more influence in different situations, both in your private and work life.

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Online course: Creative thinking

Online course: Creative thinking

Coming up with original solutions for everyday problems. Creativity is a skill you can learn. Streamline your brain for a new era where conceptual thinkers have the advantage.

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