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Learning pathway: Effective career conversations

Key ingredients for effective performance, development and career conversations.

From mandatory annual affair to a meaningful contribution
Many organizations and companies, like insurance companies and commercial banks, are transitioning to a new way of conducting their performance reviews. They move away from annual affairs, with endless forms and dossiers, and increase their focus on the contents of the conversation, turning it into consistent and frequent talks you even look forward to. Managers are encouraging their team members to take control of their own career path.

New skills
A new way of holding a meaningful conversation requires new skills. Not just skills you need for special occasions, but for everyday practice as well, like giving and receiving feedback and truly listening to your conversational partner. It doesn't even matter if you're the directing manager or an employee. 

A good conversational partner
A meaningful conversation requires conversational partners with communicative skills. Whether you're the manager or a team member: both roles are equally important. In this learning pathway you'll develop your communicative skills to hold productive, efficient and constructive performance and career conversations

Includes the learning journeys Giving feedback, Attentive listening and Receiving feedback.

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Includes the learning journeys
Online course: Giving feedback

Online course: Giving feedback

Giving feedback is difficult. In this learning journey you will do exercises that will help you give feedback about desired and undesired behavior in an effective and appropriate manner. You will learn to improve relationships and support others in their development.

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Online course: Attentive listening

Online course: Attentive listening

Nearly everyone thinks that he or she is a good listener. But is that really the case? In this learning journey, you'll practice giving your attention to the other person, make close observations and "listen" to other people's body language. Learn to lend a listening ear in this learning journey!

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Online course: Receiving feedback

Online course: Receiving feedback

Feedback is a gift. Why? Because it allows for mutual respect, good collaboration, clarity, trust, better performance, and stress reduction. During this learning journey, you'll learn the art of accepting constructive criticism.

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For employees and managers

This learning pathway is suitable for managers as well as for employees. When it comes to learning how to hold an effective one-on-one career conversation, it doesn't matter what your position within the company is.

Holding an effective conversation at, and about work is the key ingredient to a succesful collaboration. After you've finished this learning pathway, you'll have to skills and the tools to have that meaningful and productive performance or career conversation.

Upon completion of this learing pathway you will be able to

  • Give constructive feedback
  • Share your opinion about (un)desirable behavior
  • Deal with (negative) feedback
  • Prevent miscommunication and misinterpretation
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