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Online: Learning pathway 21st century skills

For professionals who want to achieve more.

Future skills
Future skills, 21st century skills, or competencies of the future: however you refer to it, it has the same meaning. Skills that you will need to distinguish yourself in a time when digitalization and automation has come to stay.

Virtual office
Jobs have changed or disappeared completely, we now work in flexible office spaces, and communication is more frequently digital, and less frequently in person. How and where we do our jobs, is now entirely different than in the past. People, from multiple disciplines, work together, and in virtual offices. That not only challenges your creativity, but also your adaptability: how are you meant to solve problems in this new situation, how do you still communicate effectively?

Make a difference
Would you also like to actively participate in the job market of the future? Develop the 21st century skills necessary for you to make a difference in a digital world with the combination of the learning journeys Creative thinking, Emotional intelligence and Open questions.

  • 1 learning pathway = 3 online courses
  • Duration: 6-12 hours
  • Spread out over 4-9 months
  • Stay relevant in a changing job market

Unlimited courses for €16,99 a month!

  • Start this course now or pick any other one you like
  • We offer monthly subscriptions
  • Learn wherever and whenever you want
  • Receive a badge, a certificate or diploma upon completion

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Journeys in this pathway
Open-ended questions

Open-ended questions

Do you want to get more out of your communication? Learn to ask more open-ended questions more often. Asking open-ended questions will give you room to reflect and to deepen your thoughts. In this learning journey you'll discover how to get further by asking the right questions, take less information for granted, and become a better conversation partner.

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Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence

Your emotional intelligence (EQ) appears to be twice as important as your IQ. It's about what you do with your knowledge and how you arrive at solutions and ideas working together with others! You will learn about that and more in this learning journey.

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Creative thinking and innovation

Creative thinking and innovation

Creativity is a skill you can learn. Find genius solutions to everyday problems. Streamline your brain for a new era where conceptual thinkers are ahead of everybody else. 

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For everyone that wants to distinguish themselves

It is estimated that approximately 15 million jobs will be at risk of disappearing within the next twenty years, due to automation. That is a lot of jobs! Will everyone then be replaced by a robot? No, thankfully not.

However, jobs are going to change. They will demand different skills in areas such as communication, understanding and creativity. Luckily, these are all future skills that you can learn and practice. This learning pathway focuses on the 21st century skills that you need in order to remain an interesting candidate for the job market, now and in the future.

After this program, you will

After this program, you will

  • adopt a no-limitations mentality
  • empathize with and recognize emotions
  • ask the right follow-up questions
This is how it works
  • Improve and master a unique skill set
  • Three practical courses that complement each other
  • You decide what, when and where
  • Personal dashboard to monitor your progress
  • Completed learning pathway = diploma

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