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You thrive on a challenge. You are great at your work. You attend professional training courses regurlarly. But don't forget to 'arm' yourself with soft skills. To become an unstoppable force within your field of expertise you will need all you can get. That is why we have something innovative for you, your colleagues or your team members.

You already know New Heroes provides you with unlimited acces to online courses, with a certificate upon completion. In addition to our online courses, you can also obtain a diploma upon completion of an entire learning pathway. A learning pathway includes a combination of three online courses with a common subject. The courses that you take, complement each other. Take the next step as an expert in your field.

The successful completion of a learning pathway means that you are a qualified soft skills expert in one of the following subjects: Effective career conversations, Onboarding, Leadership for beginners, Sales, Customer Happiness, Leadership, Innovation, Public Service and 21st century skills.

The advantages of a learning pathway

  • three practical courses that complement each other
  • all necessary soft skills combined in one learning pathway
  • professional development within your field of expertise
  • a diploma within nine months
  • unlimited access to all courses

How it works

Are you ready to take a new career level? Take the following steps:

  • Choose your learning pathway below and sign up
  • Start your online courses
  • Receive a certificate per training course
  • After completion of all your training courses in your learning pathway, you will receive an official New Heroes diploma
  • Upload your diploma to your CV or your LinkedIn-profile.

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Our learning pathways

Effective career conversations

Having an effective conversation at, and about work, is the key ingredient to a succesful collaboration. After finishing this learning pathway you'll have the skills and tools needed to have effective one-on-one career conversations.


Congratulations, you’ve got the job. This learning pathway helps you make a positive impact from the outset. Boost your skills, transition effortlessly into your new job and speed up your training period.

21st Century skills

This learning pathway focuses on the 21st century skills that you need to remain an interesting candidate for the job market, now and in the future.

Customer happiness

After completion of three courses, you'll be able to communicate with your customers in a clear and friendly way, offer the best advice and create an unforgettable customer experience.

Leadership for beginners

You are now ready for the next step in your career. A new position comes with new duties and responsibilities. You'll need to build and learn new skills.


After completion of this learning pathway you can manage result-based, give unambiguous feedback and in the same breath know how to work with difficult employees.


After completion of this learning pathway you will get the fundamentals down and be able to give clear commercial advice, have the perfect sales pitch and know how to positively influence your clients.


After completion of this learning pathway you will maximize the capacity of your creative brain, hold your own in any conversation and be able to create your own mind map.

Public service

After completion of this learning pathway you will know how to master time management, create your own mind map and sanguinely drive a conversation in your direction.

Check out all our online courses

Would you like to know more? Check out all our online courses.

Our online courses are called learning journeys. They are available in three different lengths. We consider them to be your overnight bag, your suitcase or your backpack to take with you on your educational adventure. The longer you travel on this journey, the more you will learn.

After completion of your learning journey, you will receive a certificate that you can upload to your LinkedIn-profile.

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