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New Heroes.com is a new company, an initiative created and founded by Jan Schouten.

New Heroes training courses are available to everyone, no matter where you are in the world. How? We do it all online. Internet is available to pretty much everyone, and scientific research has proven the effectiveness of online behavioral skills training. New Heroes and her community offer even more: hope. This hope provides participants with the feeling that they aren't the only ones who want to work on improving themselves.

For everyone, always and anywhere
New Heroes isn't just for the careers of the "happy few," but simply put, for anyone who wants to develop themselves. Regardless of age, social class, professional field and level, area of interest, and development needs. So it's for professionals, students, the unemployed or pensioners. From Amsterdam to Tokyo, from Rio de Janeiro to Mombasa and back to Dallas.

Affordable, exciting, and innovative
Following the online courses from THE online specialist in the areas of personal empowerment, communication, and management skills should not be any kind of sacrifice. New Heroes is affordable and participants can easily plan around their work and personal life. New Heroes offers its learning journeys in the form of a subscription for both individuals and companies. It's exciting and innovative. On 5 April 2016, we launched newheroes.com. We're here to stay and there's no more excuse not to move forward in life and work!

New Heroes as a network organization
Behind the scenes at New Heroes, you'll find a team of enthusiastic professionals. New Heroes works with a core team and sees itself as a network organization. Together with suppliers, freelancers, and various people who care about New Heroes, a brilliant concept has been created and implemented. Jan Schouten, who has 35 years of experience in management and soft skills, is the founder of New Heroes.

On this page, we introduce you to the heroes of our core team. Would you also like to work at New Heroes? Then visit our job openings.

    Alwin Schoones

    This is Alwin. As a Sales Executive, he is indispensable for our Sales Team and always more than happy to convince your boss to invest in people. After all, this is - and will always be - who decides about that within any organization.

    Amanda Zweers

    This is Amanda, our traffic hunter or in other words, our marketing hero. She is responsible for marketing, website traffic, and social media.

    Annet Nimeijer

    This is Annet. She's our learning journey development hero who ensures the expansion of our range of learning journeys, as well as keeping them up-to-date.

    Bart Coppens

    This is Bart, our IT Manager. In his spare time he likes to spend time with his family, and also to help kids at Scouts with their own personal development.

    Ernestine Telleman

    This is Ernestine, our CCO. This hero is responsible for the creative and educational content of all our learning journeys.

    Jan Schouten

    This is Jan, founder of New Heroes and chairman of the board. But he also does so much more!

    Jorn van Wijk

    This is Jorn, our CEO. This hero is a very committed boss who knows (almost) everything about the ins and outs of New Heroes.

    Kim van Doremalen

    This is Kim, our fun-loving Sales Support hero and the strong shoulders our sales team can always lean on.

    Nicoline van Velzen-Bavinck

    This is Nicoline. She is responsible for all the operational and organizational goings on around the office.

    Rosanne Weerd

    This is Rosanne. She's our content manager and is responsible for the images and text that appear on the website.

    Sanne Janssen

    As operational manager, our hero Sanne manages the organization team and is responsible for the seamless execution of all our internal processes.

    Siemon van Dam

    This is Siemon, our sales manager hero, who inspires our sales team and keeps our heroes happy every day with his possitive vibes.

    SukHan Cheung

    Our hero SukHan is responsible for the organizational and operational activities for both clients and suppliers.

    Sybe Visser

    Sybe is our back-end developer. He makes sure the technology behind our learning journeys keeps running smoothly and develops new functionalities for our website.

    Tim Ebbeling

    This is Tim. He's our sales hero and main contact person for both our current and potential clients.

    Valerie Paas

    This is Valerie, our Social Media and Communications specialist, on a mission to find everything that inspires you.

    Willem Schouten

    Willem, our brand management hero, is always looking out for the New Heroes tone of voice, look, and feel.

    Job openings

    Interested in working at New Heroes? Check out our available jobs, internships and traineeship programs here.

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