Lisa Sprangers

</spanLisa is responsible for development and revision of our online courses. When she's not in the office, she likes to participate in yoga to stay physically and mentally fit. She loves being outdoors. Enjoying the sun on her balcony, going for daily walks or a bike ride. And she loves to spend time reading books. 

Learning is by nature curiosity


Lisa's hero is

professor and coordinator research Dept. of Education

Prof. Dr. Rob Martens

Rob Martens is professor at the Open University and author of an inspiring boek: "We have to play". Learning through play is considered to be for kids' development and/or not a necessity. Rob, however, considers playing and learning to be inseperable activities. And Lisa agrees wholeheartedly: grown-ups need to incorporate play in their everday life! 


The value of learning, according to Lisa

...a basic human need. A world without education or learning is unthinkable. With an open and inquisitive mind, you will discover and learn new things every day! Learning something new is energizing, especially when it is a shared activity. 


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