Annelieke Erkelens

Annelieke is responsible for placing content on our website. Maintaining multiple web pages, as well as building the online courses is quite a job. But she is a 'grammar enthusiast' and a linguaphile. However, if you spot an error or a link that doesn't work...let us know. She'll fix it in no time.

What makes Annelieke's job so enjoyable?

Annelieke creates content for our website, and she loves it. As a 'language nerd' she can now immerse herself in language on a daily basis. And she can apply her creative skills towards layout and media. Not only her job duties make her enjoy going to the office (or work from home); being part of a great team with awesome team members contributes as well.

What does personal growth mean to Annelieke?

Annelieke thinks personal growth is something you do your entire life. In every stage of your life you have room for, or the need for, different skills. You are never a 'finished product'.  

Which course does Annelieke recommend and why?

Everybody has different learning needs in life, depending on where they are, or want to head for. Annelieke thinks all our courses are outstanding. What she likes even better, is that our courses cater to every level of proficiency. They are very easy to apply and practice in everyone's personal situation. If she does have to make a choice though, it would be 'Achieving goals'. Setting a goal to achieve something, is useful throughout your whole life.

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