Annelieke Erkelens

Annelieke is a perfectionist. She is responsible for editing and lay-out of the content of the New Heroes website. Keeping it accurate and up-to-date means her work is never done. She doesn’t mind, because she’s an active person. In her spare time she likes to tour on her motorcycle or play drums with her Brasilian percussion band. You can also frequently find her on the dancefloor, dancing to the beats of techno, house or drum&bass. And afterwards recuperating on the sofa, with her cat in her lap.

Her motto matches perfectly with her personality:

Do what you love and do a lot of it!


Annelieke's hero

Ex-volleybal player and winner of an Olympic medal:

Ron Zwerver

Ron was able to transfer his dream, his passion and his motivation to his team members. Together they won a gold medal at the Atlanta Summer Olympics (1996). Annelieke still considers this to be the best sports moment ever.

The value of learning, according to Annelieke

Something you’re never too old to do. She graduated from college one day before her fiftieth birthday. And she still isn’t done with learning. An inquisitive mind and the urge to improve yourself makes life so much more fun.


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