Rens Steenbakkers

When you’re on the phone with our sales representative Rens you’ll immediately like his buoyant character. Upbeat, cheerful and extremely customer oriented. When he’s at home, he’s also active, playing tennis, or soccer or watching films and series. He also likes to go out for dinner, exploring various cuisines. His weekends are the best when he gets to spend it with his girlfriend and/or his family and friends.

You'll like his motto:

Winning isn’t everything, but wanting to win is.

Vince Lombardi

Rens' hero

Seven time winner of a Paralympic medal in tennis:

Esther Vergeer

Despite being handicapped, Esther Vergeer has achieved immense success as an athlete. She has sat her focus on what she is able to achieve, instead on what she cannot do physically. She does not see obstacles. Instead she sees opportunities.

The value of learning, according to Rens

Learning is an ongoing process. You’re never done learning. Never turn away from opportunities to educate yourself.


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