Rens Steenbakkers

Rens is one of our sales executives and account manager. He also an implementation consultant, where he takes care of a successful implementation and follow-up of our learning programs.

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Mobile: +31 (0)6 23 90 74 75

What makes Rens' job so enjoyable?

It's rewarding to notice the positive effects of our courses on someone's personal development, and the positive change in a company culture.

What does personal growth mean to Rens?

For Rens, personal growth means trial and error. Keep on trying instead of giving up. Courage and guts. Growth can sometimes be exciting, but painful. However, the easy way out is not always the most fun, or the best.  

Which course does Rens recommend and why?

Rens' personal favorite is 'Assertiveness'. He loves being able to say 'no' more easily nowadays. This saves valuable time, because you can only spend it once.  

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