Rens Steenbakkers


This is Rens Steenbakkers, one of the heroes in the Sales Department, which also forms a super hero team. Rens has different hobbies, such as tennis, football and watching films and series. He enjoys different kinds of food and always makes the best of his weekends spending them with friends, family and his girlfriend.

Rens his motto in life:

Winning isn’t everything, but wanting to win is.

Rens' heroin is Esther Vergeer, whose unprecedented achievements, in spite of her physical limitations, have received far too little attention, unfortunately!

Rens' top 3 learning journeys:

  1. Influencing,"I have learned to intentionally align my sales story to the needs of others."
  2. Presenting with ease, "I am well prepared now and in control when I'm feeling tense."
  3. Attentive listening, "To be able to give attention to the other person, to be observant and to 'listen' to the other person's body language."


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