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Wherever you are, New Heroes is there for anyone who wants to learn. We use our expert digital platform to make leadership and soft skill courses accessible to the public. New Heroes Design serves as the blueprint for our educational approach.

What is the meaning of New Heroes Design?

  • We believe you are the only one who can establish a behavioral change in you
    Only you can change your thoughts, (re)actions and behavior. Only you can say: "I want to learn [subject]," and only you can spring into action, set goals and achieve them.
  • Every person is unique
    However challenging this can be at times, we believe in equal opportunities for everyone, whatever their background or (social) status may be.
  • We are pretty down to earth
    We have a broad perspective. Sometimes we can be blunt, at other times very subtle. Ultimately, it's all about you and how you put your new skills into practice. We do not define what's right or wrong for you... you do! (With a little help from your supporters.)
  • We're known for our honest and straightforward way of communicating
    We feel that some things can better be said, than not. We don't hesitate to voice our opinion, if we believe it helps you to improve. It's never meant to hurt you or embarrass you.
  • Personal growth is a dynamic process
    We believe that the most effective way to improve your personal growth and development is a dynamic process involving exploration, practice, mastery and application. That's the foundation of our learning journeys.

You could say that New Heroes has strong principles. And we have our reasons for it! Each decision we make and each course we create, aligns with our values, mission and vision. We try to cater to everyone's needs, but if some assignments or exercises don't speak to you, no problem! Select the ones that work for you. May we remind you though, that if you really want to change your ways and learn new skills, you'll need to get out of your comfort zone. It's your turn now!

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