New Heroes stands for real personal growth. Our goal is to make your life easier. How? Online, but with quality, hands-on courses. We know, it sounds a bit corny, but the quality of our learning journeys is our number one priority. And it is not only our users who noticed. Since April of 2017, we can officially measure ourselves along the highest quality benchmark within the world of L&D. The Learning and Performance Institute (LPI) is the most renowned accreditation authority within the learning sector, and it has endorsed New Heroes as a Learning Provider.

An LPI accreditation is recognized as a worldwide standard, a strong framework that is the result of years of experience and the collection of data of thousands of organizations. LPI evaluates and endorses independent learning institutions in the areas of customer care, integrity, operational efficiency and quality.

The recognition of LPI is great, but what do we exactly do in terms of quality?

We work together with ‘masters’, experts in the areas of personal development and online learning, at the very early stages of building our courses. We also implement the latest learning techniques in all of our courses. But we don’t stop there, even after our learning journeys have been launched. We improve our learning journeys every single day. How do we do that?

  • We collect a wealth of information from our user statistics. For each one of our learning journeys, we can determine which parts are the most popular and which are not.
  • We have created a testing panel made up of users, who give us specific feedback regarding our learning journeys. We can ask them specific questions, based on the analysis of our data. Would you like to know more about how to become one of our test panelists, click here.
  • We additionally ask our users for improvement suggestions. Do you have any tips for us? Communicate your ideas by clicking on the “Help us improve” button. You will find it on the right-hand side of every page.
  • And finally, we constantly take things even further by working together with research institutes and interns.

All this information helps us to improve our learning journeys. It’s a continuous process in which we always involve our 'masters', to make sure the content is top quality and always up-to-date. This can range from a different way of constructing a single sentence to an entire chapter. Quality is that important to us!

The CEO of Learning & Performance Institute, about the accreditation: 
Edmund Monk: “Not only is LPI accreditation an independent recognition of the quality of your organization, but also a statement toward your customers: that it will constantly seek to improve, to innovate and develop its portfolio to benefit its customers.


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