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High standards of excellence

Our goal is to make your life and work easier. How? By encouraging personal growth and development. We develop and create online courses to improve soft skills. We aim to make these courses available to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Online, but with high-quality, hands-on courses. And even though it may sound a bit corny, the quality of our learning journeys is always our number one priority.

Maintaining a high standard of excellence as a learning provider didn't go unnoticed. As of April 2017 we were awarded a LPI-accreditation, a globally-recognized quality mark for providers of learning products. The Learning and Performance Institute (LPI) is the most renowned accreditation authority within the learning sector. With this annual measuring and benchmarking of our capabilities, The LPI helps us to continually improve, since we do not want to lose this coveted accreditation! 

"An LPI accreditation is recognized as a worldwide standard, a strong framework that is the result of years of experience and the collection of data of thousands of organizations. LPI evaluates and endorses independent learning institutions in the areas of customer care, integrity, operational efficiency and quality."

Being accredited by the LPI is awesome, but what can you expect from us in terms of 'high-quality'? 

At the early stages of designing and developing a new course and all throughout the process, we work closely together with our 'masters'. Besides being experts on personal development and online learning, they have a broad and deep competence in terms of knowledge, skill and experience through practice and education in a particular field. 

But we won’t stop there. After our learning journeys have been published online, we keep evaluating and continuously improving them. How? 

  • We collect and analyze loads of data so we can act swiftly on these bits of extremely useful information. 
  • We embrace innovations in our field and implement the newest learning methods. 
  • Our platform and the software we use are always up to date.
  • We have a test panel that consists of frequent users. They provide us with valuable feedback regarding our learning journeys. Would you like to join our test panel? Click here.
  • We follow up on our users' suggestions for improvement. We have made it easy for you to communicate your ideas. Simply click on the 'Help us improve' button on the right hand side of every web page.
  • We work together with renowned research institutes to develop and maintain our skills and knowledge.
  • We invite and coach interns (data science or educational science) to do research and work on their thesis.

The CEO of Learning & Performance Institute, about the accreditation: 
Edmund Monk: "Not only is LPI accreditation an independent recognition of the quality of your organization, but also a statement toward your customers: that it will constantly seek to improve, to innovate and develop its portfolio to benefit its customers."

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