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Our vision for learning

Whether it is in your career, relationship or social circle, one thing is certain: this modern age requires a rock solid foundation in soft skills. And by soft skills we mean the finer little tricks. Things like communicating effectively, being a team player - or a team leader, setting boundaries assertively, managing others and also, learning to relax. New Heroes provides an excellent platform to work on your soft skills. Be it to learn new skills or to gain an edge in challenging situations. We masterfully combine our soft skills expertise with our experience and knowledge of online learning.


Real behavioral change is driven by one’s own intrinsic motivation. There has to be something that drives our users to really want to learn. To crave more knowledge. We find that our users are the only ones who can change themselves. If they do not truly want to change something, then they are highly unlikely to think or act any different than usual.

Our users get to work on aspects that can make their careers and lives better, more efficient and fun. Always relevant to their own situation though, because we know that is the best way to achieving results. From the start, users are stimulated by developing and practicing skills that they would like to master in their own environment. They are the ones who set their goals. We inspire our users to say ‘I want to learn how to... ‘, because this is the first step towards achieving their goals.

Out of your comfort zone

Change requires courage. It takes courage to make yourself heard, to communicate clearly or to step up to the challenge when one has to address a room full of people. Making a big change can only happen through experimenting, challenging oneself, working at it and ultimately leaving the safety of a comfort zone. If what our users wanted to achieve was within their familiar comfort zone, they would have gone for it a long time ago. Hence they need courage and guts to start working towards their goals. We give our users the possibility to work their way towards confidently tackling a situation, in their own environment, by first taking small, practice steps in the safety of our online platform.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

-Neale Donald Walsch-


Developing soft-skills happens through applying what you have learned, to your situation. In order for a behavior to change, our users need to practice. They do not become more assertive by reading a text online or by watching a video. All our training courses are packed with hands-on tasks, from video response trainings to questionnaires and exercises. By doing this, we are not only creating an effective learning method but also catering to different individual learning needs. We encourage our users through practical assignments to practice their new skills when they are offline. A newly learnt skill is retained far better when it is practiced in one’s own environment. Hence our users are regularly asked to leave the computer screen and interact with their surroundings.

That is why we don’t call it e-learning, but e-doing. We refer to our e-doing’s as learning journeys, because we believe that the journey is far more important than the destination. On this journey you will learn. There will be new experiences, a few moments that will make you feel challenged and some when you will feel gloriously victorious. With every step that you take, you will discover something new.


Our users are not alone on their learning journey. With the help of others, they often reach their goals even faster than expected. Therefore, at New Heroes, users and their supporters work together to achieve their learning goals. A supporter is a person from the user’s own environment. It can be anyone: a friend, colleague, supervisor or even the babysitter. From their supporters, users receive feedback and a (sometimes) much needed reminder of the goals that they have set for themselves. They not only provide insight to our users, but also serve as physical motivation. A person can have the best intentions but without acting on them, they will always remain mere intentions.

But that’s not all…

Naturally there are many more clever little education techniques embedded in our learning journeys. Knowledge of cognitive functions, the influence of video and imagery, the power of self-reflection and the effect of gamification, to name but a few of our didactic approaches. But there are many more expertise that we incorporate. We do this to make learning as easy, fun and effective as possible. Not only to have awesome content, but because you achieve more when you are enjoying what you are doing. And when your mindset is right. It has been proven that people who believe they are capable of changing, reach their goals more readily than those who don’t.

I have never tried it before, so I see no reason why I can’t do it.

-Pippi Longstocking-


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