Meet our masters

New Heroes uses its expert digital platform to make leadership and soft skill courses available to the public, anywhere, anytime.

Even though our online courses require you to use your computer or other digital devices frequently, you're not on your own. We provide you with access to a user-friendly platform, an encouraging community, and support from experts and masters. Our online instructors are experienced and an expert in their field. There are psychologists, coaches and authors among them. 

May we introduce our masters? Find out below which one created your favorite course.

    Willem-Jan Kuiper

    Willem-Jan is a passionate trainer with a results-oriented mindset. With twenty years of experience as a communications manager in various industries, he knows the practical side like no other.

    Fenno Moes

    Fenno is an enthusiastic expert in the area of leadership and dealing with difficult people. He's made a conscious decision not to become a manager.

    Mieke van Bussel

    Mieke is an experienced master in the area of communication and team coaching. She helps people understand each other better and to talk with one another. Even with the most difficult messages.

    Jeu Consten

    Jeu is an enthusiastic master in presenting. He has been a presentation trainer for 25 years and wrote a book about presenting with style, flair, and passion.

    Lily Dorland

    Lily an enthusiastic master and ambassador of open communication.She likes to take people on a journey of discovery into the possibilities of their own thoughts, feelings, and behavior.

    Marjolijn de Galan

    Marjolijn de Galan is an master who created 'Courageous conversations with your partner. She is experienced in working with people wanting to flourish in their lives. She also has had the occasional courageous conversation with her partner...

    Frans van Gaal

    Frans is an enthusiastic master in the area of creativity. He is also a social historian, creativity expert, and man of action. 

    Janou Hemsing

    Janou is an enthusiastic master in the field of corporate communication. She gives presentation and communication training courses. What's more, she's continuously exploring what moves people.

    Hans Kampers

    Hans is our inspirational master in the field of psychology and coaching. He continuously explores what motivates and holds people back from making the most of their life.

    Freek van Kraaikamp

    Freek is an enthusiastic master in the field of career coaching. He is ruthlessly confrontational when necessary and has a well functioning 'listening ear'.

    Miloushka Kronstadt

    Miloushka has extensive experience in coaching and training in the field of work and health. She coaches - unconventionally, when necessary - people towards healthy productivity.

    Jim Morris

    Jim is a charming Englishman who's been living in the Netherlands for the past 20 years. Jim has a wealth of international experience and is the master of our learning journeys on cultural awareness.

    Carry Petri

    Carry Petri is the passionate master behind all our stress-related courses. During the eighties she was one of the first people to put stress management on the map.

    Rini Roerig

    Rini is an inspiration in the field of passion. She is highly passionate about learning, thriving, and growing.

    Marcel van Bronswijk

    Marcel was an experienced master in Rational Effectiveness Training. He studied to become a RET Supervisor at the Albert Ellis Institute in New York. He recently passed away. 

    Petra Sevinga

    Petra is an experienced master in the field of management. She's written, trained, and spoken on this topic for years now!

    Petra Kuipers

    Petra Kuipers is the creator/master of several online courses at New Heroes Academy. She has extensive experience as an interim manager, change manager, and consultant.

    Anne Schouten - van Hooft

    Anne is an experienced master in presentation. She enjoys coaching people and fosters their personal development.

    Sanne Lemmers

    Sanne Lemmers is the creator/master of several online courses at New Heroes Academy. She also conducts in-person classroom training sessions.

    Ellen Steffens

    Ellen is a passionate master who guides people with heart and soul and helps them to shape their lives. She has written several books about communication and coming across convincingly.

    Cor Visser

    Cor is an experienced master in the field of assertiveness. He enjoys helping people to take care of themselves but not at other people's expense.

    Linda van der Wal

    Linda is an experienced master in the social sciences field. She writes books about good intentions, influencing, and other trade secrets.


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