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New Heroes Academy is an accredited online (and blended learning) education platform and as such awards certficates for completion of (online) courses. New Heroes courses incorporate multiple choice tests to assess the user's knowledge and to determine whether or not the user is entitled to a certificate or diploma. The examination policy below has been produced in order to rationalize the procedure associated with these exams. 

Examination policy New Heroes Academy

Art. 1 - Applicability and exclusion

This examination policy applies to all New Heroes Academy (online) courses. Customized courses are exempt from this policy.  

Art. 2 - Three attempts

  1. The participant has three attempts to try and pass a specific exam in the online course he/she is taking. 
  2. The participant does not have to apply or register for any one of these three attempts. The three attempts are incorporated in the system. 

Art. 3 - Failed after three attempts

  1. If the participant fails all three attempts, he/she will be enabled to enter the similarly titled classroom course for an additional fee. 
  2. When the classroom course has been succesfully completed, the participant will also receive the certificate for the similarly titled online version of the course. 
  3. When a similarly titled classroom course is not available, the participant can apply for an exam resit. See Art. 4 - Apply for an exam resit. 

Art. 4 - Apply for an exam resit

  1. The Examination Board is entitled to offer the participant an exam resit. 
  2. The participant may only resit an exam if he/she failed all three attempts of the exam he/she wants to resit. 
  3. The participant can apply for an exam resit by sending an email to the the Examination Board of New Heroes at content@newheroes.com.
  4. To be eligible for an exam resit, the participant must provide the Examination Board with arguments/reasons why he/she should resit the exam. 
  5. The Examination Board will decide upon the matter within ten work days. 
  6. The Examination Board will take the following into consideration:
    • The participant's commitment/attitude. 
    • An estimate of the expected results. 
    • The reasons why the participant failed the exam .
  7. The decision and considerations of the Examination Board will be sent to the participant by email.

Art. 5 - Access exam results

It is not possible to access individual exam results. 


For questions, please contact our customer support by email: info@newheroes.com. Or call: 0418 - 682 888.

Version 3: 10-11-2021


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