Inviting a supporter

You can invite your own supporter. But why would you need to, how does it work and who do you ask?

Here you can find answers to all the questions that you may have.

  • What is a supporter?
  • Why should I invite a supporter?
  • How does a supporter feel about being invited?
  • Will the supporter have access to all my data?
  • My supporter hasn’t responded to my invitation. What now?
  • In which elements can I find supporter invitations?
  • Whom can I ask to be my supporter?
What is a supporter?

At New Heroes Academy, we offer a unique feature where you work with a supporter. This is a person of your choice whom you trust and invite to accompany you during your learning course. Depending on the course topic, this could be your colleague or supervisor, a family member, or even your best friend... or all of them.

Changing your behavior or habits can be challenging when you're alone. A supporter can provide you with valuable feedback and reflect on both your strengths and areas for improvement.

How does a supporter feel about being invited?

By inviting a supporter, you are conveying the message, "I trust you and value your opinion." Supporters feel appreciated when asked to assist. Your supporter can decide how much time they want to dedicate to it.

Who can I ask to be my supporter?

Choosing a supporter can be challenging. This trick can help:

Write down the names of several different people. It's good to know that the supporter doesn't have to be a member of New Heroes, so don't limit yourself.


  • a colleague
  • your manager
  • your partner
  • a friend
  • a parent
  • a sibling
  • your neighbor
  • an acquaintance
  • a new connection, for example, someone you connected with on LinkedIn.

Now answer the following questions and cross out the names of people who don't meet your criteria:

  • Do I want someone who knows me well?
  • Do I want someone who has a lot of knowledge about this topic?
  • Do I want someone who is similar to me in this topic?
  • Do I want someone who can provide motivation?
  • Do I want someone who is (as much as possible) objective?

You have found the right person! Do you have more than one name left? No problem, because you can invite multiple supporters.

If you have crossed out all the names, consider a professional coach. We also have them available for you.

Why would I invite a supporter?

You would be surprised by what others perceive about you. Often, these are the things you may be less aware of yourself.

A supporter can assist in your personal development by:

  • providing you with greater self-insight,
  • supporting you throughout your course,
  • being a motivator.

If you would like to receive feedback from multiple people, feel free to invite multiple supporters.

For which elements will it be useful to invite a supporter?
  • During an assignment, the supporter provides feedback on your task or you can ask the supporter to complete the assignment as well.

  • For a video assignment or video response training, you receive feedback on your video recording.

  • In the case of a questionnaire, you discover how the supporter perceives you. You will see the overall scores that you can compare with your own scores.

  • When sharing your learning objective, you increase the likelihood of achieving your goal.

  • For an entire course, the supporter serves as a motivating force, someone who encourages you when you're feeling less motivated.

Will the supporter have access to all my data?

The supporter will only see the task for which you have invited them. They do not have access to the rest of your course or answers. All other components remain private.

To clarify, here are all the steps summarized for you:

  1. Fill in the name and email address of the person you want to invite as a supporter.
  2. Optionally customize the invitation and click "send."
  3. The supporter will receive your invitation via email.
  4. Meanwhile, you can continue with your course.
  5. The supporter will see the assigned task for which they were invited. In the case of a learning objective, assignment, video task, or video response training, the supporter will see your response. For the questionnaire, the supporter will answer the statements with you in mind. In this case, the supporter will not see how you personally filled out the questionnaire.
  6. The supporter provides a response.
  7. You will receive an email notification once the supporter has submitted their response.
My supporter hasn't responded to my invitation. What now?

No need to panic! Your supporter will receive a one-time invitation to provide feedback in their mailbox. It's possible that your supporter may have missed the email or forgotten about it. Feel free to ask your supporter if they have seen the email. In the meantime, you can continue with your course even if you haven't received a response yet.

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