New: Each group of employees its own set of courses

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New Heroes Academy introduces targeted learning with group functionality

At New Heroes Academy, we're taking our theme-based offerings to the next level with the introduction of group functionality. This isn't just about tailoring a specific training program for your organization; it's about providing specialized options for different groups of employees. If you're an administrator within your organization, you now have the power to grant various employee groups, teams, or departments access to specific or curated offerings. This allows you to create personalized learning pathways for each of your team members.

Customized Development Tracks for Specific Groups

In today's diverse work landscape, every department and team faces unique challenges. Our new group functionality empowers your organization to assemble employees into groups, granting them access to customized development paths. This enables them to focus on the precise skills and competencies relevant to their roles and the particular needs of their group. This targeted approach ensures that your efforts remain concentrated even while tackling a range of complex issues.

A Practical Illustration

Putting Learning into Immediate Action

Whether it's a theme-based offering or a personalized training program, our approach is meant to be practical. Teams or departments work on skills that are directly relevant to solving immediate challenges or improving performance. With our e-doing method, employees apply what they've learned in real-life situations. This quick application not only shows results but also motivates continuous progress. Sharing experiences with colleagues strengthens bonds and boosts engagement and motivation.

Precision Development with Custom Solutions

New Heroes Academy's group feature gives organizations an advanced tool for targeted employee training and development. This custom solution helps you stay focused while guiding your team towards specific goals.

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