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Sound familiar? Do you always put off that awkward phone call until tomorrow. Have you been avoiding tidying up your office for weeks?

The tendency to put things off is very common and has different causes. Follow this learning journey and discover how you can change your procrastination. With the help of Rational Effectiveness Training you can learn how to recognize irrational thoughts and emotions. And you'll find out how this affects the way you behave.

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Online: Stop procrastinating

Beat procrastination once and for all

Do you put off that awkward telephone call until the next day? Perhaps you don't feel your presentation is good enough, so you delay it. You might be dreading something and find it too nerve-racking. Maybe your perfectionism causes you to put something off because you don't think you can do it. Procrastination is very common and can have several underlying causes. Another problem is that it might also make you feel guilty. This is why you're going to tackle your procrastination in this learning journey.

  • Theme: Personal effectiveness
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Spread out over 2-6 weeks
  • Learn to follow through when it matters

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That one phone call you dread making or the scary letter from the taxman that goes unopened. Want to know more about the origin of your tendency to put things off? And what you can do about it? If so, this course is just what you need. What emotions do you want to handle better? What situations do you want to approach differently? Are these the situations when you postpone things? And because of this ever lose yourself in private and work situations?

You want to begin this course because you, just like everyone else, sometimes have to cope with stressful situations. Situations when your feelings get the upper hand. Situations when you do not behave as you'd like, when you get angry, irritated, or just miserable. You can take control of your emotions. We all experience emotions, whether we're used to showing them or not. RET (Rational Effectiveness Training) is a very effective method that can help and teach you how you can follow through.


You now have an impression of the learning journey. Would you like to continue learning? Do you want to give yourself a boost? Then let's get started.

Meet the master

Our online courses are written by our "masters." Each one of them is an expert in their field, and they all have many years of experience. Among them you'll find trainers, psychologists, coaches, authors, etc.

Marcel van Bronswijk is the master behind this learning journey. After training as a RET Supervisor at the Albert Ellis Institute in New York he is a proven expert in the field of Rational Effectiveness Training.

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