Online: Preventing misunderstanding

I want to get better at observing, interpreting, and drawing conclusions.

You mishear something in a conversation, and the other person draws the wrong conclusion. Misunderstandings are often born out of vagueness. Misunderstandings are almost always related to communication distortion, or 'noise'. This distortion can originate from within yourself or from external sources.

In this course, you focus on the noise that arises within you. How do you perceive the other person? And how clear are you in your own communication? We assist you in improving your perception, reducing interpretation, and using clear language. Learn to ask good questions in a conversation and prevent miscommunication.

  • Theme: Communication and interacton
  • Learn to observe without judgement
  • Reading time: 2 hours, exclusive of practice and assignments
  • Study time: 12 hours (estimated)
  • Total duration: 2-6 weeks

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We all have our own view of reality. This view is formed by our opinions, emotions, beliefs, experiences, and ideas. We often falsely interpret things without realizing it, which produces noise within ourselves. Your interpretation of a situation, which can be quite difficult to suppress, is oftentimes the root of miscommunication.

Better observation is extremely valuable when it comes to improving your communication. Through good observation and listening, you'll hold the other person's attention instead of interpreting things for yourself. This helps to prevent misunderstanding. This training is for people who:

• want to observe others better, so that they understand them better
• want to communicate more clearly, so that they'll be better understood

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