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Online: Mindfulness

The power of now.

Our minds tend to wander 38% of the time, which isn't surprising given that we have over 4000 thoughts a day while being awake for an average of seventeen hours. This online mindfulness course provides a range of techniques to help you stay consciously present in the moment. Mindfulness can reduce stress, enhance your sense of control, simplify decision-making, and, most importantly, boost your overall happiness. Who wouldn't want all of that?

Explore the benefits of living in the present during this course. You'll engage in meditation, breathing exercises, and learn to recognize and address "negative" habits and fixed patterns.

  • Theme: Vitality and resilience
  • Discover the power of now
  • Reading time: 4 hours, exclusive of practice and assignments
  • Study time: 24 hours (estimated)
  • Total duration: 4-16 weeks

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  • Customized solutions for your organization
  • Assistence with implementation and activation
  • Communication & Interaction
  • Teambuilding & Leadership skills
  • Personal effectiveness
  • Vitality & Resilience

Sleep better, feel less rushed, be more aware of the things that are going well, and enjoy life more. Just a few examples of what this mindfulness training can do for you. These days, a lot is being said and written about mindfulness, but what is it exactly? In short: you totally immerse yourself in the experience. You're present in the here and now without any sense of time, and you aren't dependent on others. You are aware of what you are feeling, thinking, and doing in the moment. That's exactly what this mindfulness course is all about.

A sneak preview

Check out the sneak preview below. Explore a few chapters and you'll see that our journeys are engaging and activating: online learning can definitely be fun and exciting!


You now have an impression of the learning journey. Would you like to continue learning? Do you want to give yourself a boost? Then let's get started.

Meet the master

Our online courses are written by our "masters." Each one of them is an expert in their field, and they all have many years of experience. Among them you'll find trainers, psychologists, coaches, authors, etc.

Ernestine is the creative force behind a range of learning journeys. Her goal is to make learning fun and to teach practical skills that really help people grow.

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