Online: Managing aggressive behavior

Effectively manage verbal, physical or online aggression

People swearing, threatening, belittling, spitting, or being physically violent happens more often than we want to think. Almost everyone has faced some type of aggression in their personal lives, whether it be on the street, at work, or on public transportation.

This online course is here to give you the knowledge and skills you need to effectively deal with aggressive behavior, prevent potentially violent situations, and take care of yourself and others after an incident. With easy-to-follow lessons, video role-play activities, and practical exercises, you will get the experience and confidence you need to handle tough situations.

By the end of this course, you'll have a better understanding of the causes and effects of aggression, and practical methods to manage and calm confrontations.

  • Theme: Vitality & Resilience
  • Effectively manage aggressive behavior
  • Reading time: 2 hours, exclusive of practice and assignments
  • Study time: 12 hours (estimated)
  • Total duration: 2-6 weeks

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  • Communication & Interaction
  • Teambuilding & Leadership skills
  • Personal effectiveness
  • Vitality & Resilience
About the online course...
  • Prevent aggressive situations from getting out of hand;
  • State your limits;
  • Speak up for yourself without being offensive.

This online course is designed for individuals seeking tips and tools to effectively manage aggressive behavior from others, both in physical forms such as hitting, kicking, pushing, or pulling, as well as verbal forms such as swearing, threatening, manipulating, or intimidating, whether online or offline.

Have you ever personally experienced aggressive behavior, or perhaps work in a profession where you may be more likely to be exposed to such behavior? Regardless, this online course provides you with the knowledge and skills you need in order to be prepared and confidently handle such situations.

We offer you the opportunity to practice and engage with various assignments, including video role-play activities, in a safe and supportive environment. These activities will challenge you to build experience and confidence, allowing you to effectively handle real-life situations.

Managing aggressive behavior

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