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Online: Managing aggressive behavior

Effectively manage verbal, physical or online aggression

Swearing, threatening, belittling, spitting or physically attacking someone. It happens more often than we'd like to see. Almost everyone has a personal experience with some form of aggression at some point. On the street, at work or in public transport.

What do you do when someone behaves aggressively towards you? How do you prevent difficult, and potentially violent situations from getting out of hand? How do you take care of yourself or someone else after an incident?

In this online course you will receive a lot of background information and you can practice your newly acquired skills with (video) assignments. You'll build up experience so you can handle real life situations with self-confidence.


  • Theme: Vitality & Resilience
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Spread out over 2-6 weeks
  • Effectively manage aggressive behavior

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About the online course...

In this video, trainer Fenno Moes tells you more about the contents of the course

  • Prevent aggressive situations from getting out of hand;
  • State your limits;
  • Speak up for yourself without being offensive.

"Hey you. Shut your big mouth and stop being an a*****e!"
In this course you will learn how to deal more effectively with angry, mad and intimidating behavior.
We'll show you video examples and give you challenging assignments to practice your skills.
When you've completed this course you can effectively manage aggressive people, without being drained by these energy vampires.

This learning journey is for people who are looking for tips and tools for dealing with aggressive behavior of others. Both physical (hitting, kicking, pushing, pulling) and verbal (swearing, threatening, manipulating or intimidating), online and offline.

Have you ever experienced aggressive behavior? Do you have a profession where you are more likely to be exposed to aggressive behavior? Or do you want to be prepared, just in case...?

Practice in a safe environment on this learning platform, with various engaging and challenging assignments and video role-play. You'll build up experience to confidently handle real life situations.

Managing aggressive behavior

You now have an impression of the learning journey. Let's get started.

Meet the master

Fenno Moes is a consultant and trainer and gives lectures related to aggression, conflict management and 'difficult' communication. He created a variety of online courses for New Heroes Academy.

Watch his video or check out his webpage.

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