Online: First step towards being assertive

Communicate what you want or need, with confidence

Did you know that it all starts in your childhood, when you start worrying about what others think of you? Such a pity, isn't it? You end up losing sight of yourself.

In this online course, you will work on assertiveness because it brings you numerous benefits. You won't find yourself in impossible situations anymore, you'll gain more self-confidence, and others will know exactly where they stand with you. Becoming assertive doesn't happen overnight, of course. This compact course in assertivity will give you a push in the right direction.

  • Theme: Personal effectiveness
  • Learn to say "no" if you don't want to do something
  • Reading time: 2 hours, exclusive of practice and assignments
  • Study time: 12 hours (estimated)
  • Total duration: 2-6 weeks

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  • Customized solutions for your organization
  • Assistence with implementation and activation
  • Communication & Interaction
  • Teambuilding & Leadership skills
  • Personal effectiveness
  • Vitality & Resilience

How often do you say, "Yeah, sure. I just go ahead and do that," even though you're not fine with it at all. Or you don't even have the time for it? This online assertiveness training is designed for those people who want to be more in touch with their "assertive self" and want to learn when and how to begin asserting themselves. Possible learning goals in this assertiveness training course are:

• I want to be able to say "no" if it's something I don't want.
• I want to know when to react assertively to other people and when not to.
• I want to make a better impression at work
• I want to have control of the TV remote too sometimes
• I want to recognize the moments when I don't stand up for myself enough.


You now have an impression of the learning journey. Would you like to continue learning? Do you want to give yourself a boost? Then let's get started.

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