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New Heroes helps achieve your organization's goals. Your employees are the gold of your organization. Working together, we go beyond online training, coaching and blended learning, we aim for a partnership.

Your organization works with the 'tools' that New Heroes deliver. We support you in using these tools, maintaining them, and implementing them effectively. Business impact, application in the workplace, and results, that is what we are aiming for.

We are confident in our abilities and are always prepared to brainstorm with you and spend the time and energy necessary to help solve your HR, training, and development questions. Here is an example of the tools that we have implemented at other businesses, which will help your organization to excel.

What can you expect?

  • Partnership
  • Support with cultural change
  • Lifelong learning
  • Supporting a continuous dialogue
  • Quality improvement
  • Growing our assortment, based on your own needs
  • Service and care


How does it work?
  1. Contact us on
    Our customer support representative will take your query and connect you to a New Heroes Sales Executive or Learning Specialist. Call 0031 418 682 888 or email:
  2. Ask your question
    Whatever it is! Questions commonly relate to HR/development/training/soft skills. Which is great, because that's what we're great at.
  3. And go!
    Let's get to work, we can make a no-obligation appointment or perhaps we already have an answer waiting for you.
What are the costs?

Success and impact requires the correct tools. Many of our products and services form an integral part of our platform. We are happy to discuss a variety of options that will match your needs. 

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Would you like to get even more out of the online training courses from New Heroes? Combinations of our products allow for excellence in development programs.

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Or take a look at our complete learning pathways, for which you will receive an official soft skill diploma upon a successful completion.

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