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New Heroes helps your organization achieve results. We do this by strengthening your employees' personal and social skills. That goes beyond online training, coaching, and blended learning. That is going for a partnership.

This partnership allows us to continually look for ways that we, from our side, can support your organization. Below follows an example of the tools that we have implemented in other businesses, and that we could use to possibly help your organization excel.

Connecting to organizational goals, competency profiles and core values

Standing still is the same as moving backwards, and that means that your organization is developing, improving and innovating, every single day. Perhaps you use your competency profiles, core values, or specific organizational goals for this.

The training offered by New Heroes isn't isolated from this. The training ensures that your employees are capable of increasing their contribution to the success of the organization.

Our learning specialists are therefor involved in the implementation process. They discuss, with you, which focus you as an organization want to have, and match the training to these organizational goals. Whether it is a match with competencies, core values or organizational goals, we establish the link with New Heroes and help to make it a reality.

And if there happens to be no match between the organization's goals and our training courses, we will be open about that. We will offer to help you search for a solution, and come up with the means to fill this void in the short and the long term.

Learning Analytics Dashboard

Because of all the employees who are busy learning, a large database of information develops. By making use of this data, New Heroes can continuously improve the platform and the learning journeys.

We offer companies their own 'learning analytics dashboard' to provide some insight to the development process at organizational level, team level, and employee level.

Do you want to get more out of the information available on your dashboard? We take you through all the graphs and data that you may encounter on your dashboard. Additionally, we support you, where necessary or desired, with how you can use the data to help achieve your organization's goals, bolster the HR-cycle, and conduct development discussions with employees.

Leaning & Development Consultancy

A change within your organization doesn't happen over night. It requires commitment, time and experience. Do you want your organization to take the next step, for example in organizational change, the creation of a learning culture or the strengthening of your division's strategic impact? Where could you use the extra help? We offer extra consultancy possibilities.

A host of expertise in the field of learning, online learning, organizational development and organizational change, are available within the New Heroes organization, as well as within the New Heroes network. Together, we look at which expertise are necessary to realize your ambitions.

Workbook 2.0

Learning is an ongoing process, so why should you loose access to what you have learned after completion of a training course? New Heroes wants to support lifelong learning, in a more practical way than with the paper workbook, sheets of paper or the shredder. A paper workbook tends to get lost in the drawer, buried underneath another heap of paper, or it lands in the bin.

At New Heroes you always have access to the training/exercises that you have done. Almost like a digital reference book. The bookmark function is also super useful. Every employee can bookmark the texts, video's, animations and tasks that he or she finds valuable. The bookmarks can be viewed as a complete overview or per training, enabling employees to always have their most important lessons at hand.

Have you decided to end the business contract, or has a colleague left the company? We will keep all bookmarks and trainings that he or she followed, available. Rather remove all data? That too is possible.

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