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Working together has never been this easy

What is the biggest challenge within your organization? Could better teamwork maybe be a part of the solution? But how would you structurally improve collaboration? And how do you ensure that it doesn't become a process with no end in sight, merely wasting time and not delivering any results?

With the supporter tool you have the key to the solution in your hands. Working together means getting to know each other. Knowing what another's strengths and weaknesses are, and being able to express that to each other. That forms the foundation on which better teamwork and development is built.

The supporter tool enables a continuous dialogue. You can involve both colleagues and supervisors in the setting of goals, self-assessments, video tasks and physical tasks. With this you not only strengthen yourself, but also your colleagues, the co-operation, and the organization as a whole.

What can you expect?

  • Feedback independent of time and place
  • Integration of learning in the work environment
  • To be used as HR-tool
  • Integration with meeting-/ performance appraisal cycle
  • 360 degree feedback
  • Can be used in a calibration session


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How does it work?
  1. Assignments with a supporter
    There are various assignments in the training courses for which feedback is relevant.
  2. Inviting a supporter
    The employee does the assignment, after which he can invite one or more supporters, from anywhere in the world. A supporter doesn't have to be a member of New Heroes to give feedback. It can be a friend, family member or colleague, even a supervisor. In this way the supporter tool also functions as an HR-tool during the appraisal cycle and as a 360 degree feedback tool.
  3. The feedback
    The supporter receives an email with the invitation and a weblink to the related assignment. The supporter gives feedback directly on the New Heroes assignment. The employee will receive a notification when the supporter has given their feedback.
  4. Continuing the dialogue
    Based on the feedback the employee will determine the next step: continue to the next assignment or complete the assignment anew and re-invite the supporter.
What are the costs?

Absolutely nothing! The supporter tool from New Heroes is a standard feature of our platform.

A business contract can be yours from only €5, per employee, per year.

Are you interested in a business contract or would you like to discuss the possibilities for your business or organization? Contact us now.

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Need to know more?

The benefit of support

Changing behavior effectively, quickly and with focus, works best with some help. Help from your own environment. Not only does it give insight to your own blind spots, but it also teaches you how others may perceive your behavior.

The effect becomes even more significant when you make your environment aware that you are working on behavioral change. In this way you can receive support and understanding from your environment. Really good to have, especially when you are not feeling very enthusiastic.

Other people's experiences

Do a lesson on your laptop is great, but it is much better hearing what you do well or in what you have room for improvement. And it makes it easier to do training sessions with entire teams.

Not just clicking 'send', but also interaction and feedback. Great!

By involving a supporter, colleagues or supervisors are also given a role. They provide the feedback to your development. Which leads to more involvement.


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