Blended training programs

Traditional and online learning combined

Blended learning, the New Heroes way

Blended training programs, by New Heroes, consist of a mix of online modules, combined with more traditional classroom activities, enabling you to adapt completely to what a team or individual needs at that specific moment.

At New Heroes we link our online programs to classroom training, combined with e-coaching, books, workshops and gamification, tailored to the needs and desires of you and your team. Schouten & Nelissen, university of applied science is our experienced partner. 

Do you prefer to work with your own trainers or coaches? No problem. Contact us for all options. 

What's in it for you?

  • A unique blended training program, tailored to your team/organization.
  • Business impact and change in the work environment
  • Varied, in-depth and effective learning
  • Team learning, 
  • A low risk, low cost investment


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How does it work?
  1. Contact us 
    Our Customer Support representative will connect you to a New Heroes Learning Expert
    Call +31 (0)418 - 682 888 or email:
  2. Design your unique blended program
    Consult our learning expert to create your own and unique blended training program. 
  3. Quick start
    We take care of planning and (financial) administration
What are the costs?

Investing in a New Heroes blended process is an easy decision to make with a great impact on your business. Prizes vary depending on the size of the group and the selected learning resources.

Get access to a powerful blended learning program. Contact us for pricing and customized training programs. 

More information?

Business impact and change in the work environment

You want to create an improved culture of giving feedback in your company. Select a blended learning feedback course: a classroom introduction where your team will decide on a collective goal. This is de kick-off session. After this session your team will start with the online version in their own time and at their own pace. They can invite each other for online feedback or consult their personal e-coach. Another classroom session can be scheduled to monitor progress, discuss results, she experiences or receive additional information. 

For example, your co-worker Max has a coach to help him improve assertiveness skills, based on his individual learning goals. And your co-worker, Marianne, completes a few online exercises to improve 'Asking'open-ended questions. After a month, you have a meeting without the trainer, where you discuss related situations. Two months later you meet with the trainer again to dot the i's and cross the t's.

Create the right mindset and develop the right skills, for individuals and for your team, to develop a successful feedback culture.

Other people's experiences

Employees start off with a basic New Heroes training course in giving feedback. Following that, we take it a step further with a training actor. That is our idea of perfectly blended learning." Sandra van Heeswijk/DEPT Agency

Our employees start a learning journey together, and afterwards we evaluate them coolectively on what they have learned and how that can be applied. Our enthusiasm motivates others to also start working with New Heroes! Brigite Kasten/Heembouw


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