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Let’s talk about stress

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This learning journey is really interesting and interactive. It begs some introspection as well, which is quite nice. Most importantly, it is applicable in everyday life.


Approaching someone in stress is dificult, often we don't like to talk about stress, but a simple talk can make all the difference and help someone who doesn't know how to ask for help.


It's fun to have time to share ideas , these are questions that I wouldn't do by myself.


It's pretty useful!


I like it. I'm already feeling more relaxed doing this


It seemed to me a splendid course with a very significant experience.


it's very interesting.


I have learnt that application of OIEB, giving effective feedback and LSQ makes conversation on stress easier.


Identification of stress has worked for me.


I like the flow of this course and I would like to understand how to identify stress in myself and other people so I can help them solve it.



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