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I like to acquire new knowledge


It was very long and I managed. I have improved my communication. I can relay information to the receiver with confidence that my information will be understood the way I wanted. This is great achievement to me. Thank you newheroes!


i have started well


the content is very clear. The variation in text and video's is pleasant and inviting to keep on studying. the structure of the lessons is practical. I am learning a lot and my communciaton pittfalls and mistakes are clear to me. However very difficult to implement in daily life.


I like the instructions provided, but could not see the usefulness of this journey.


amazing course


Making the time to record video tasks with your supporter is challenging, it's easier to do the video tasks where you respond to a New Heroes recording.


Some of the language isn’t translated clearly into American English. So it’s not as precise as it could be.


I like the way that it's build up in little pieces. Makes it easier


In my opinion the learning with New Heroes was worth my time and it helped me to improve my communication skills.



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