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We are committed to the continuous improvement of our learning journeys. We want our learning journeys to be the very best, for them to meet your wishes and help you achieve your goals. And you can help us do that, by giving us feedback. What do you think of our learning journeys?

We ask you to give us your feedback as part of a test panel. This could be regarding a learning journey you yourself are following or, for instance, by answering some questions now and then. To show our appreciation, we will reward you, depending on the question. This could range from our eternal gratitude, to early access to the latest content  to gift vouchers.

What’s in it for you?
  • Help to ensure that thousands of other members have an even better learning experience
  • You decide how much effort you put into it
  • Be the first one to get access to the latest learning journeys
  • Receive our eternal gratitude and gift vouchers
  • And, of course: your own personal growth.

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