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Online: Learning pathway Work from home more effectively

Improve your creativity, concentration en communication

We've made it through a rough period full of changes. The dust has settled and the sudden and necessary changes within your organization have become standard. Maybe you're still working from home or maybe you're working from home more often than you did before. 

Working from home, is that a problem? 
Working from home can be very challenging. How do you deal with new situations in a creative way. How do you keep your focus, when your manager calls, the dog is licking your feet and you have to comfort your daughter who just tripped over a toy. Your co-worker is usually sitting right next to you, but now you have to use Microsoft Teams or Zoom or Skype to ask a simple question. Before you know it, there's confusion and misunderstanding. 

Working from home...NO problem! 
This online learning pathway includes three online courses that improve skills to collaborate effectively and productively while working from home. 

You will receive a diploma upon completion. 

Learning journeys: Creative thinking, Focus and Preventing misunderstanding

  • 1 learning pathway = 3 online courses
  • Duration: 6-12 hours
  • Spread out over 4-9 months
  • Work from home more effectively

Unlimited courses for €16,99 a month!

  • Start this course now or pick any other one you like
  • We offer monthly subscriptions
  • Learn wherever and whenever you want
  • Receive a badge, a certificate or diploma upon completion

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Includes these learning journeys
Focus: learn how to concentrate

Focus: learn how to concentrate

If you want to learn how to stay focused on what's really important and act in alignment with your priorities, this is the course for you. Increase awareness of distractions and increase your ability to concentrate.

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Preventing misunderstanding

Preventing misunderstanding

Communication problems come in all different shapes and sizes. Do you have the feeling that you don't always correctly interpret what other people are saying? Or do you want to communicate more clearly yourself so that you'll be better understood? Then this is the learning journey for you. Let there be no misunderstanding about that!

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Creative thinking and innovation

Creative thinking and innovation

Creativity is a skill you can learn. Find genius solutions to everyday problems. Streamline your brain for a new era where conceptual thinkers are ahead of everybody else. 

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For everyone who frequently works from home

You're distracted by roommates, someone passing your window, household chores you want to attend to. Keeping your focus is pretty difficult. 

Now that part of your work has changed completely or maybe even is eliminated, you will need your creativity to come up with solutions for new or challenging situations. Are you able to think outside of the box and create with new strategies and new plans?

You'll find yourself communicating through Skype, Zoom, or Microsoft Teams. Things like the lack of physical cues and annoying interruptions can lead to miscommunication and misunderstanding. 

This learning pathway includes three online courses that complement each other and that show you the ropes to become more productive and effecient when working from home. 

Upon completion of this learing pathway you will be able to

  • come up with creative solutions and strategies
  • keep focused
  • communicate with transparancy
This is how it works
  • Improve and master a unique skill set
  • Three practical courses that complement each other
  • You decide what, when and where
  • Personal dashboard to monitor your progress
  • Completed learning pathway = diploma

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