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It is very engaging, it challenges me to think more in depth and make sensible choices. I am enjoying it.


This training was great!!!


The course offers exactly what it promises: a first step toward viewing the world differently. I certainly got some very nice ideas, but when it comes to actual methods to suspend judgement and being more associative, I can't say I really got what I needed. It's certainly a good start for someone who wants to to step out of his/her comfort zone.


This course has inspired me to think creatively to come up with solutions for day-to-day issues. Before this course, I wrongly believed that creative thinking was only for artists, musicians etc. This course has completely shattered my assumptions on creative thinking. Yes, I definitely recommend it to everyone irrespective of their professions or nature of work. Thank you!


Part 7. Try it out, was my favorite part! "Where there is no room for mistakes, there is no room for innovation."


Good! :)


A really great way to undestand creative thinking


This learning journey has helped me to view the world problems differently. Thank you!


The knowledge I have gained of myself


The learning journey is definitely an eye opener so far.



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