Use mind maps for goal-setting

You, like most people on this earth, have dreams for the future, a bucket list, goals you want to reach. When you have the right focus, you can make your dreams come true. It's all about setting goals and being aware of what really motivates you. When you take small steps and make the right choice every time, you'll steadily move toward that ultimate target. 

You'll need an organized approach with a realistic action plan. So writing down your goals on a piece of paper is definitely not enough when you want to set an achievable one.

A very effective technique for goal setting, is using mind maps. With mind mapping, you structure information using a "word web". The mind map is a way to depict information in a clear and concise manner. You can use a mind map to put together an action plan, organize your thoughts, make meaningful associations and then set productive goals. 

You can also read more about the use of mind maps for effective goal-setting in this blog: How to set productive goals using mind maps by Simki Dutta. 

To learn how to use mind maps, you can take this online course: Mind mapping

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