• Date 24 May 2018

New Heroes and ISA offers young people to become GameChangers

Sport, Skills, Action - Empowering young people: New Heroes and ISA (International Sports Alliance) have agreed upon a social partnership to offer young people in developing countries a chance to become GameChangers.

As of April 28th, 2018, New Heroes will support international development working organization ISA (International Sports Alliance) by offering training to local sport coaches in Africa.

A total of 130 online trainings will be made available to young people who currently are following an ISA program. This, to support in their personal development and to better prepare them for their future. The New Heroes platform will be made available free of charge to ISA. New Heroes enhances the youth leadership and mentorship programs that ISA offers by providing online training for specific educational needs of its participants. With this new partnership New Heroes provides online soft skill and leadership training to anyone, anywhere.

ISA offers New Heroes a great opportunity to contribute to the development of youth in developing countries and thus to help realize a more sustainable future. By incorporating the feedback of ISA participants who will be using the New Heroes platform, New Heroes hopes to obtain new insights and perspectives to further improve online training for the international market.

Leonie Hallers, General Manager of ISA: “We are proud of the fact that this recent partnership with New Heroes allows us to provide coaches and mentors with tools to further develop their leadership and communication skills. The range of available trainings innovatively contributes to the sustainability of our work. By strengthening the youth, New Heroes will rise. As role models, coaches and mentors they will turn into GameChangers and will be able to make meaningful contributions to their future, their families’ and their society/environment.

Jorn van Wijk, CEO New Heroes: “We are incredibly proud to give more meaning to the lives of ISA coaches and mentors in Africa. This is exactly why New Heroes was founded: to provide people all over the world with access to essential skills such as communication and leadership. In addition, this partnership also grants us unique access into the African market.

About ISA
ISA is committed and strives hard every day to help disadvantaged youth worldwide. The young people in countries where ISA operates often do not have the opportunities to develop themselves – due to unequal opportunities, lack of education and a job, poverty or a hostile environment. Sport is everywhere and provides youth with a great and positive way to work on their future. That’s why ISA facilitates educational sport programs in developing countries while focusing on the following issues: feeling safe and having a sense of security, working towards financial autonomy and offering equal opportunities.

Through sport ISA seeks to give young people a chance to work towards a better future. Not only for themselves, but also for their immediate environment, family and (future) employers. Every person who is into sports, knows that sport is more than just fun and stress relief: it’s a chance for development. Sports contribute to a healthy lifestyle and personal development. In addition, it reinforces social cohesion. 

About New Heroes
New Heroes was established by Jan Schouten and Jorn van Wijk. Schouten is one of the founders of renowned coaching and training provider Schouten & Nelissen. The company offers online soft skills and leadership training in an innovative and adaptive way. Available to anyone, anywhere. New Heroes serves both individuals and companies. Subscribers invite a self-imposed supporter who will provide feedback. For only 9,95 a month, subscribers can undertake an unlimited amount of online trainings. In addition New Heroes also offers company subscriptions starting at 5,- per employee a year. 


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